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  1. Unlocker

    Glyph of Overpower

    you can get some random parry from all class, using two overpower, one from proc and one from glyph in two seconds can lead to some nice burst, better using this than execution, also caster won't figured out about that and will get ua debuff easly
  2. Unlocker

    [HELP] maccro kick

    /cast [equipped:Shields, stance:1/2,@focus] Shield Bash /cast [noequipped:Shields, stance:1/2,@focus] Berserker Stance /cast [stance:3,@focus] Pummel you should equip shield on stance 2 then use shield bash, i can figured out only one situation of being 2 handed in stance 2, for desarm only or reducing dmg with the stance 2 buff while running to connect on opponents but i didn't saw someone doing it and i don't do it myself so idk, macro should be like that /cast [equipped:Shields, stance:1/2,@focus] Shield Bash /cast [noequipped:Shields, stance:1/2,@focus] Berserker Stance /cast [stance:3,@focus] Pummel /stopmacro [stance:1/3] /equipslot 16 yourweapon /equipslot 17 yourshield
  3. Unlocker

    Scripting trash already on sunwell

    you'r terribly wrong on your 1st statement, we didn't stopped playing on warmane ( unlocker / kenao / miaou / acken ), sunwell is just taking most of the playtime, i had 4 teams in top 15 last seasons jsut for fun we'r not vertaz " friends " or some crew, i personnally talked to him twice in my life
  4. Unlocker

    Ban Appeal #2

    @MrCulé Hello Mrculé, Im writing to you to talk about my recent ban; My ban appeal on forum link : I also talk to an admin on discord ( could put screenshots ) about this ban, he gived me the proofs they had against me and player acken : All trades from thebankgold to unlocker were made the last month, i got warned for it and my golds were removed, after this i did nothing wrong, and this afternoon when gm Dvu finished is talk he told us it was the last time or something and we were free to play, but at my surprise i got ban 3hours after, and i still don't understand why were banned ... Could you understand my feelings, we did nothing wrong, we played till almost the start of this server, we bring there many famous pvp players from old arena tournament who lead to nice streams and free server promotion and healthy/competitive pvp scene. Im not a toxic player, i didn't use hacks/bugs. I beg you sincerely to remove my ban please ... I feel sorry and depressed because i didn't hurt any rules and any others players ...
  5. Unlocker

    Ban Appeal

    Name : Unlocker Ban : Buying golds Game Master : Vnu Summary : This afternoon i got teleported to GM Island by game master Vnu about some golds i received from a friend, arround 7k, i didn't deny anything, but i didn't know from where comes thoses golds too ... He checked several things while we were waiting, then he finaly let us leave the gm island free, and i quote his words " it's the last time ", so now im surprised to be banned, could you let know what did you make this decision ? And i repeat myself, i didn't lie to this game master and also didn't do wrong things this time.
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