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  1. Schoof

    [PVE] Resources for Enh Shaman

    Oh yeah, took me a while before I figured that out. You have to right click on it, then it switches.
  2. Schoof

    [PVE] Resources for Enh Shaman

    I'm more a fan of EnhaPrio, much cleaner and nicer in my opinion. Makes our lives a lot easier.
  3. Schoof

    [PVE] Resources for Enh Shaman

    Yeah but to which trinket? Meteorite Whetstone doesn't solve that.
  4. Schoof

    [PVE] Resources for Enh Shaman

    Awesome, thank you! I'm currently trying to get geared to do Heriocs and I'm using the following gear: https://sunwell.pl/armory/Angrathar/Melkdrae For Trinkets, I think I like the ones I have now better? Or replace Fezzik's Pocketwatch with Meteoritse Whetstone? Is there anything else I could easily improve?
  5. Hey everyone I've never played WOTLK before, I just hit 80 so I'm looking to get some decent guides to get started as an Enh Shaman. I found the following: http://www.wowhead.com/forums&topic=62324 https://www.ownedcore.com/forums/world-of-warcraft/world-of-warcraft-guides/271162-shaman-enhancement-dps-guide-advanced.html http://energy-angrathar.shivtr.com/forum_threads/2801359 http://www.wow-pro.com/wowpro_archive/shaman_enhancement_raiding_guide_beginners_and_advanced_shamans Gear All of these seem to agree about a few things when it comes to gear: Make sure Hit And Expertise are Capped 17%- 446 hit rating. 16%- 420 hit rating (Draenei). 14%- 368 hit rating (Raid). 13%- 341 hit rating (Draenei Raid). 6.50%- 214 Expertise Rating or 26 Expertise 6.50%- 140 Expertise Rating (This is only if you have Unleashed Rage, which increases your Expertise by 9 (not rating). This will take dodge off of the table, and since you are attacking from behind, the mob will not be able to parry). But after that I'm not so sure. I think it comes down to this: Armor pen is a wasted stat on enhancement shamans. Spell Rotation Some say to give prio to Flame Shock, others don't even mention Flame Shock? I'm thinking somebody like this: 1) |Maelstrom Weapon x 5 stacks - Lightning Bolt 2) |Flame Shock 3) |Stormstrike if debuff not active 4) |Lightning Shield if not active 5) |Fire Elemental Totem 6) |Magma Totem if not active 7) |Feral Spirit 8) |Shamanistic Rage 9) |Earth Shock 10) |Stormstrike 11) |Lava Lash 12) |Fire Nova 13) |Magma Totem 14) |Lightning Shield Addons There are a couple of addons that just make our lives so much easier. They show which spell you should be using next. - EnhaPrio: Clean, pretty easier to understand but doesn't show that much information. Editing the rotation can only be done in LUA files - ShockAndAwe: More detailed, more information but not as "pretty" or easy to understand. Editing the rotation can be done in game. Closing Thoughts What resources do you guys use? What's good gear to try and get before raiding starts? Thanks!
  6. Schoof

    Current patch guides?

    I can't seem to find a working download link for enhsim. Do you have one?
  7. Schoof

    Current patch guides?

    Wow, I had no idea. So in the current raiding environment on Angrathar. What do you suggest getting as an enhancement shaman (Spec Wise / Gear Wise)? Focus more on AP and crit?
  8. We are are just worried, because we like playing here.
  9. And I'm in the exact opposite situation. I have plenty of hardcore and casual friends who don't use discord. They just play the game. This is the first server I play on that has such a huge emphasis on discord. You answer this yourself. In real-life this may apply. But on things like these, these people will just stop playing here and the population might dwindle. You simply have to be more careful if you don't want to lose your playerbase. All of this has unfortunately made me a little more reluctant to play here.
  10. You're not serious are you? Just because players aren't forum dwellers / discord users doesn't mean they don't care about anything that's going on in the server. That's a horrible generalization. According to you only 413 players on this whole servers are not than casual.
  11. And I appreciate that. I think it's great you are asking for the opinions of your players before deciding on certain things! But keep in mind that you will be making decisions based on the opinion of 157 (current yes voters) players instead of the actual how many you have. I wouldn't be too quick to add things like this, unless a BIG majority agrees to this (See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tyranny_of_the_majority).
  12. All of this. It's just part of the vanilla game, and it should be kept this way. Also don't activate this when there is only a small percentage more that does want it. 99% of players don't come on these forums to vote. And you'll start alienating all the people who don't want this. Keep the server the way it is, that's why players are here now.
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