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  1. Lizen

    Best Professions for Fury Warrior

    I can only approve of Game's statement. Engineering is one of the best Profession especially for Classes which scale with haste. Since you can decide when to use your haste bonus you can aligne it with procs etc. (That's also the reason why Trolls are so popular with Warlocks/Mages/ShadowPriests)
  2. Lizen

    Sunwell: Angrathar - Information Update 3

    HI there, I have a little Question regarding the Zombie Infestation Event. Since it's the pre-patch event for Wotlk how will it play out? When the Servers for Angrathar go Online will we be stuck at level 70 for a limited time so the Event can play out or how is this going to be accomplished? Also I wanted to add that on the Feronis Realm I was playing with the german Wotlk Client and the Gatherer Addon didn't collect the Information about where the node I just mined was. When I switched to me english (enGB) Client it worked just fine. Since for me it's not a big deal I just wanted to ask if this is because Feronis is not working 100% with the German Client or does the fault come from the German version of the Addon itself?
  3. Lizen

    [VOTE] For the... - Choose Your Side!

    Disciplin Undead Priest solid combination for PVE and PVP in my opinion, although the mana reg from Blood Elfs are good at the start of the Expansion in the End it will be useless especially if you stack up int and your shields give back double the mana you used for casting it.
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