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  1. surowaszynka

    [Report] Versaciex

    Your name - ZajebeheheReported player's name - VersaciexDate - 25.02.2019Rule that was broken - ninjalootingDescription - Evertyhing is in topic by Elfotrafik. I post only ss with loot rules. Evidence -
  2. surowaszynka

    Mining Problem

    remove jc or skinn
  3. surowaszynka

    Help Feral Druid Macro if possible

    #showtooltip /cast [nomod] Rip /cast [mod:shift] Savage Roar /cast [mod:ctrl] Maim /cast [mod:alt] Ferocious Bite #showtooltip /cast [stealth] Pounce /cast [nostealth] Shred
  4. surowaszynka

    Dupszot/Zajebehehe mute

    Character Name: Dupszot/Zajebehehe Punishment reason: Probably using Polish language in party Game Master: dont know Hello. Can you take off mute from my chars or give permission on guild chat only? I have problem on dungeons and guild without any communications. I promise to always care of using only english lang.
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