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  1. Currently in need of Hpala/ret Boomkin Lock Mage Tanks with dps offspec Other exceptional players who can make our rigorous raid schedule.
  2. Ragnorian

    <Epidemic> [NA] 2/9 25HM 8/9 10HM Recruiting for HM progg.

    Ragnorian#8306 is discord info, best place to reach me
  3. <Epidemic> [NA] The last hardcorelul EST guild. Fun hardcore environment. PALAS/boom/lock/mage prior. Rest welcome. Recruiting for HM Uld Progession. 8/9 10mHM, 2/9 25HM. Wed Thu Sun Mon- 7:30 PM EST - 11:00 PM EST. http://epidemicguild.shivtr.com ! Our raid environment is very fun, but hardcore with the goal of progressing to Algalon. Need paladins very badly! Casters in high demand as well. Currently working on XT, Hodir and Thorim. Should be moving on to others Soon TM. Whisper Ragnoreean/Ragnorian/Ragnorbank. Kev/kevbtw, Saii/Bigstrongdad for more info.
  4. <Homeland Security> [H/NA] Guild. Looking to recruit for a small 10 man team for current content until a core is established, then will recruit to start 25 mans! Small group of friends just looking to raid casually and clear content. Need all currently! Raid Times: Sunday/Thursday 8pm Eastern US Time. May add Saturday (Saturday would be 10m day once we start 25m) Contact GM Ragnorian in game through mail or whisper! Guild Site http://homeland-security.shivtr.com/
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