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  1. Deadwood

    Twink HK Ranking - Website

    Hey! Our ranking currently have 2300+ twinks playing on Angrathar! Thank you for support. I really appreciate it 😍 When the ranking reach three thousands players, i will optimize the page for such a large number of players. PS. What do you think about the similar ranking for 80lvl players ? Link: www.deadwood.pl/ranking
  2. Deadwood

    Twink HK Ranking - Website

    Hey, today i fixed some bugs which occurred during adding a new player to ranking. Now you should see less errors on website PS. I also added manually all guilds and characters that i saw in error log http://deadwood.pl/ranking
  3. Deadwood

    Twinks make me want to leave the server

    Why cant you just get 80 then join bg? People playing at 79 because they dont want play against full geared warrior with shadowmourne.
  4. Deadwood

    Twink HK Ranking - Website

    Hello guys! I created a HK ranking for twinks playing on Sunwell. If your character or guild has been omitted, you can add them by yourself to the ranking. Checkout website: deadwood.pl/ranking/ Features: Honorable kills are updated every hour. Weekly HK is reset every monday at 0:30AM You can sort by names, levels, guild names, honorable kills, and weekly HK TODO list: - I'm open to your suggestions Screenshoots: Czendz Log: - [26.02.19] Fix adding new players who are on several realms with the same guild name LINK: deadwood.pl/ranking/ Have fun! ❤️
  5. Deadwood

    Przeniesienie postaci z fero na arthasar.

    Nie ma takiej możliwości jak na razie 😜
  6. Deadwood

    Witam Graczy

    Polskie trolle i nabijanie postów incoming
  7. Deadwood

    Twink 19

    i am gonna make undead rogue/mage in horde
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