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    [Report - Ninjalooting] Ferk

    Your name - Inmemorian Reported player's name - Ferk Date - 31.12.2018 Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting Description - Primordial Saronite dropped from Maro. He took it instantly without roll. Then whole raid he was making fools out of us, telling that he don't have it. When we said that we got screens, he changed his mind to roll it at the end, what didn't happend ofc. After raid (after he left the raid) on global channel he made some strange roll for it (no announcement, nothing, he didn't even see our rolls) and said that Grandepuffi (who didn't even roll) won it. As i talked with Grandepuffi 1/2h after raid, he didn't get this. Evidence - Loot rules Taking PS without roll Strange roll on global channel
  2. inmemorian

    Most desired class - pve wise.

    If u can't decide: https://wowchallenges.com/index.php?Show=RandomClass
  3. inmemorian

    Most desired class - pve wise.

  4. inmemorian

    T9 2-set

    Having 4/4 isn't obligatory, but don't be scared of getting it just because bonus is bad. Depending on other items head/shoulders/hands are best in slot. You can go for head/shoulders/hands t9, chest from beasts or leather, Fleshrender and 0/3 in focused aim or change chest for set and mele for Glaive or change both mele and chest and put talents in focused aim. Anything u change can be replaced by something else and difference in dps won't be significant. Legs from anub are better than set, but if u consider getting 4/4 bonus (which is shitty but 90 dps is 90 dps) this way, loosing 8 crit and 12/14 agi doesn't matter. Items for survi on togc are flexible, so wear what u get and then choose other items. Don't think about perfect bis eq because we have to gear MM for icc anyway. Hands for sure and then i would buy head.
  5. inmemorian

    KT downed boys!

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