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  1. Your name - XilentrazReported player's name - LorynDate - 24.10.2018Rule that was broken - Hunter stealing spell power gear/Abyssal Shard (hunter can't have a good use for this item so he probably stole them to disenchant them).Description - As you can see on the screenshots below hunter need-rolled on spell power shoulders and refused to re-roll them.
  2. Xil

    The easiest class for PvP

    DKs are strong and don't have many abilites and aren't complicated to play. That means they're the easiest.
  3. This problem exists because there isn't enough players playing arenas. Few years ago on servers like old Feronis you had hundreds of people queued for 2v2 at a given time but nowadays people seem to care way less about WotLK arenas or WoW in general. I think people would return to playing WotLK PvP on Sunwell if the server was actually working really good and its developers had Gummy's attention to details but sadly it doesn't. I personally plan to return to playing some PvP here once faction transfers will be there but if the price won't be reasonable then I won't.
  4. Xil

    Crossfaction Battlegrounds

    This feature would never have good in-game world explanation, it completely goes against player's immersion (or what's left of it) and Warcraft's orc versus human theme. Explain to me why wouldn't it be completely ridiculous if an undead and a human fought in the same team in the battle of Arathi Basin. After all, this is still an MMORPG and we should care about RP aspect of the game, otherwise you would be way better off playing games like DotA, LoL or CS:GO instead of WoW and I assure you would have more fun. Such ideas are merely half measures and we should rather think about what is the ROOT of this problem if we really want to solve it. The root is human's racial ability which is way too powerful once you reach certain arena rating and know how to min-max your character which is why most good PvPers take this race and there is tiny minority of good PvPers who went Horde because they want to try something new or they like PvE too and their guild started there. I would say removing this racial and giving human something more appropriate (what would also be useful in PvE), plus introducing some class tweaks would be way more beneficial and wouldn't hurt game's RP aspect anyhow. Sunwell wants to introduce things like transmog on Angrathar, the realm has some non-blizzlike features already so introducing few class tweaks and changing human racial wouldn't hurt.
  5. Xil


    Probably because it's capped at about 150 players to something and it doesn't allow more so you have to be fast with accepting. Teleport hack? There is a bigger problem with WG than those you mentioned. WG walls cause LoS even if they're destroyed so it makes it really hard at capping the fortress.
  6. Xil

    PVP is nearly unbearable

    You must be insane or dreaming because Horde loses most of BGs around the clock, not just in the morning. Alliance always has shit ton of warriors and holy paladins what makes every BG cancerous. Please play a bit longer than 1 day and then base your opinion on that 1 day.
  7. Horde loses 90% of BGs. Anyone that tells you it's the other way around is delusional.
  8. Those trinkets aren't good on rogue because they can break your gouge and that's really annoying in RM. Arcane Torrent is really good on rogue because it gives you some extra energy on use and can help you finish someone off with silence.
  9. Trinkets aren't that good for casters like mage until ToC season. It's then when human racial becomes powerful even on casters.
  10. Xil

    PVP is nearly unbearable

    Blood elf racial is nice in PvP but human racial simply wins, 2 trinkets is just way too good. Undead racial isn't good in WotLK, it shares 45 second CD with PvP trinket. Tauren racial is nice but once again - human racial is better, shadowmeld is better for druids. You saying that war stomp is mostly offensive shows you have no clue what you're talking about (you pretty much only use it to set up some other CC or when you're dying). Troll racial isn't that good in PvP, it lasts only 10 seconds and has 3 minute CD. Orcs are nice but classes like warrior, dk, rogue, warlock would still prefer human racial. "Human = Every man for himself which is PVP trinket s a racial but it makes the PVP trinket useless and loses the char. 100+ resilience or other stat bonus." Oh right because all those warriors, dk and rogues care about having millions of resilience right? "Night Elf = Shadowmeld = yay I can hide and not PvP!!!" You're so clueless yet you speak out like you know anything it's actually pathetic. You know that shadowmeld allows you to dodge abilties just like vanish, right? It's great for druids that know how to utilize it, better than war stomp. "Draenei = Gift of the Naaru [20% heal over 5s - 3min CD] great more defense." So according to your logic extra defense = bad in PvP? Please don't share your "valuable" analysis if you have no clue what you're talking about.
  11. Xil

    PVP is nearly unbearable

    No matter what you do PvPers that are in Alliance are there for the racials they can exploit in arenas. You can make so Alliance gets 1 honor point per BG win and most PvPers will still stay in Alliance.
  12. Xil

    PVP is nearly unbearable

    The problem with WotLK PvP is that most classes have best PvP racial abilities in Alliance while the best PvE ones are in Horde so all the dragon slayers that have no clue about PvP are in Horde while MOST people focused on PvP are in Alliance. There's no fixing this issue right now (most good PvPers are in Alliance already).
  13. Xil

    Hacked char?

    It's not dungeon boosting because he doesn't have Engi for bombs he would use befor having Flamestrike/Blizzard. Also, he has no dungeon achievements.
  14. Xil

    Hacked char?

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