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  1. Xil

    [Ninjalooting] Angrex <Warlords>

    1. I clearly stated BEFOR boss pull that PvP items will be given to PvP players. 2. I didn't even know the guy I gave item too so there was no reason for me to ninja anything. 3. You were PROTECTION spec and the guy I gave item to was RETRIBUTION. The run was SPEC run so I don't see a reason why protection paladin should get retribution gear piece.
  2. How can Zulfix be in 2 teams?
  3. Does that mean Ulduar items, WG belts and trinkets too?
  4. If you're going to remove T7 buffs on 12th then please make Orb of Naxxramas appear right away too. I know that it was added in 3.3 patch but if you're going to remove Naxx buffs then you might as well add it because most active raiders only need Kel'Thuzad loot at this point so it's gona be boring and a waste of time for them to clear whole 4 wings of dummy bosses just to get to KT.
  5. Level 80 is a lot different than 79. For DPS casters for example there isn't any good damage trinket and this is why Human isn't that strong for casters in Deadly season. At 79 there are bunch of OP Engineering trinkets and this is why only a moron would make an orc warrior or blood elf rogue 79 twink over human one and lose 1 trinket slot. Besides that, the season is still fresh and it's a bullshit one so you can't really use it as an argument. After this change it does and besides that for sure it's better having that orc racial over Sonic Booster, Gnomish Ligthtning Generator or even Battlemaster, right?
  6. Yea, I'm sure only a skillful and smart PvP player would play in Horde instead of Alliance where you have way better racials for PvP for most classes. 👌
  7. Better yet remove on-use racials so not all the dragon cave visitors will go to Horde and PvP master-race people to Alliance master faction. This would fix any faction imbalance problems.
  8. Is this supposed to be an argument? "We don't want them so remove them"? It's literally Nazi's "logic" - "me not like jew so gas jew cause jew has more money than me and me not like it". How can you be this ignorant and self-entilted? Someone posted here that there can be hundreds of 79 twinks in general so that's already good enough reason NOT to remove them. There are surely more of them than whiny babies like yourself who whine about 70-79 bracket even though after few hours you won't even see it again. I don't understand why you complain about it so much if you won't even play this bracket ever again once you hit 80. Because of that twinks actually would have more reasons to complain about this than people who just want to get free level 80 from AFKing in BG. This whole pitchfork anti-twink uprising is pathetic and I hope GMs will make a right decision which is ignoring your cries and moans. "Nobody forces them to stop at this particular place" - Excuse you? They were here first, you and other whiny babies like yourself came here to whine about 70-79 balance even though they just want to rush to 80 and be done with it forever so YOU'RE the one that can go play on other server or BFA if you don't like twinks on this server. Twinking community on Sunwell exists for years now, who the fuck are you to tell them to go away? Maybe you're the one that should fuck off to BFA so you can finally have your "fair" BGs? This game was never only about max level end game, it was Blizzard's slow descent into madness. You don't have a clue what MMORPG genre is about, go educate yourself about it befor posting first. "And the only noticeable impact twinks have on lvl80 community is bad taste after trying to level up through BGs." - So you admit the only people that complain about it are the ones who just want to rush to level 80 so they won't spend more than few hours with it. Why then should anyone cater to such people instead catring to those who will spend dozens if not hundreds of hours with it? There are no real benefits in implementing such change, you just want it implemented because you feel like you deserve hitting 80 faster. Sunwell already catered to end-game only community a lot by giving you 3x rates on experience + experience boosts and now you want even faster/easier way to hit level 80 (what is just pathetic) which would be pretending you play PvP. What if someone at 80 doesn't care about optimizing their gear for PvP but plays BGs/PvP anyway? Should they be catered to by removing PvP gear from the game or making seperate queue for those who have more than 600 resilience to make it more "fair"? It's the same line of logic. Why do you think this poll was first created to begin with? Because plenty of whiny babies were moaning about it in tickets and on Discord so yes - this poll's existence is pointless because it has no real basis in logic. Bottom line is casual cucks just want to get free 80 faster so they can get into their dragon caves faster, they don't care about 70-79 BG bracket nor PvP state in general so they should be ridiculed and looked down upon by GMs. I can only hope Sunwell staff will make a right decision in ignoring your moans.
  9. I know how to it works, you're the one that is compeltely clueless and has no clue what he's talking about. Implementing this change would COMPLETELY kill twinking on this server. Early on you would see few twink-only WSGs but as the server grows older they won't even see WSG invite popping. To be more precise: 1) If it's "instant" then that's even another reason why no one should complain about it. 2) You really think there will be enough twinks online at the same time to do something like AV? As the server grows older it will be hard for them to organise WSG too. It doesn't matter if they're centered around guilds, there aren't enough of them to have seperate queue. I used to have a twink on Feronis (2-3k online) and I remember you sometimes had to wait for one hour to finally get BG invite. What do you think would happen here if they made seperate queue for twinks? 3) They put more time and effort into their characters so their advantage is justified. Once again - if you want completely "fair" BG just go play BFA. Besides that why do you care about 70-79 balance so much if once you hit 80 you won't see it again?
  10. On retail you had WAY more players. If you make seperate queue for twinks here you will kill twinking completely. Also, it's a dumb change on Blizzard's part. There's nothing unfair about someone putting time and effort into gearing up their character. If you go further with "fairness" logic why at 80 you shouldn't be matched on BG/arena by the gear level you have? In BFA everyone's gear in BG/arena is equalized so if you care about "fairness" so much maybe you should just play there?
  11. Only 79 bracket and locked exp gain is pretty much the same shit so you're the one dumb if you point something like that even though there's no difference in how it plays out in the game. This topic exists because of the 79 twinking imbalance so don't act like it's about anything more. I am not a twink but I don't understand why someone should be punished for making a twink just because crying kid like you is too lazy to make one himself. If you don't like 79 twinks you have 2 options - 1. make a twink yourself and quit complaining, 2. don't play this bracket and quit complaining. Do you understand that the basis of your argument is self-entitlement and that is NOT how anything in life works? Twinks should get fucked because you don't like losing to them? Boo fucking hoo. I have a question to Horde players - what stops you from creating your own 79 twinking community like it existed on older Sunwell realms? I think I know why - all you care about is getting free 80 by AFKing in BG as fast as possbile just so you can reach your dragon caves faster and become 2-3 button mashing "gods". You don't give a fuck about the sate of PvP, you just want to reach level 80 faster and you can do achieve that by removing 79 twinking even though such change wouldn't have long lasting positives. It would make 50-100 players stop playing completely just so few whiners can reach level 80 faster.
  12. No, this is a horrible idea because it will kill 79 twinking completely. Someone who put time and effort into gearing up their level 79 toon shouldn't be punished for doing so simply because someone else didn't do it. You could use the same logic for level 80 too and it would be a terrible idea. MMOs aren't about "fairness", never were and never will be. If someone wants "fair" BGs/arenas they can go play special snowflake retail game. Besides that, if you make seperate bracket for level 79 people what will stop them from making level 78 twink and destroy pathetic losers anyway? Here's how you can solve this problem without putting out such bullshit ideas that don't make sense and go directly against heart of the game - make more brackets at levels 70 to 79. What I mean is for example 70-75 bracket and 75 to 79. Or you could make a system that tries to match people by their character level but makes the gap wider every 30 seconds of queue. Not enough cause someone has better gear than you? Boo fucking hoo, this is the whole point of the game so if you don't like it gear up or go play BFA snowflake game and shut up.
  13. In what reality is capturing a WG base hard? If you walk up to it with 20-30 people you capture it almost instantly so who cares with how many bases you start? It doesn't make that big of a difference. The biggest advantage Alliance has right now is that you can SOMETIMES get max rank by killing just 1 horde member what can result in them building 12-16 tanks in the first minute and then attack when half of stupid orcs go for southern towers. That proves it's much easier to defend than attack - if orcs stayed in fortress instead they would easily defend even if 12-16 tanks were attacking unless they lost their wall cannons. I'd admit though that it's the other way around in the morning when there are way less people in WG battles (not enough DPS to take down tanks fast enough) but when it's like 150 vs 150 or something tanks simply evaporate in half a second and that's not good. Maybe if vehicle HP scaled with number of players in a given battle it would be much better.
  14. The main problem with WG is that It's WAY too easy to defend. As attacker you either cheese it early when a lot of enemy faction is in the south or you lose. It's impossible to do coordinated attacks with bunch of low IQ randoms. You whining over attackers getting advantage is pathetic because it would be ideal if attackers had more chances at winning than defenders but right now it's the other way around and it sucks. I'd say Sunwell should buff WG attackers more (nerf walls HP and buff tanks) so there would be more rotation in who owns WG.
  15. Xil

    Xil muted by Tide

    Your name - XilPunishment Reason - Not provided in player's panel. I insulted a player on WHISPER chat.Date - 27.11.2019Description - By accident I accepted RDF pop up when I was about to queue for RDF with pre-made group soon. On top of that there were like 2 other people for the BiS ring I needed from last boss so I teleported out of dungeon and politely asked to kick me. For some reason 2 spergs refused to kick me, kept refusing to do so (wasting everyone's time) and insulted me in party chat for several minutes until a GM - Tide joined the group, removed me from it and removed my Dungeon Deserter debuff. After that those 2 spergs started to whisper me with smiley faces and more insults acting like they won something so I insulted one of them. To my surprise a minute after I realised I've been muted for 7 days. This whole situation is really weird to me so I have a few questions. Nowhere in Sunwell's ToS anything about kick requesting/abusing while using RDF is mentioned so why GM gets involved in such cases? If it's not allowed, then how could I know that if ToS doesn't mention that whatsoever? If it IS allowed, then GM should never get involved. Secondly, why did I get muted for insulting someone in WHISPER chat if according to Sunwell's ToS players are allowed to do so? Even if you think I should be punished why should I be muted for 7 days for merely 2 words? That's a bit too harsh, don't you think? Evidence - "6. Insulting other players is prohibited. The punishment depends on the situation. We DO NOT resolve reports about guild chat or WHISPER (the only exception is when it’s really necessary). We’d also like to notice the existence of ignore option." I don't have screenshots of mentioned spergs insulting me in party chat because I had no idea I would run into such issue. I bet you could easily find chat logs of that situtation and check by yourself (17:15-17:30 server time). If it's not a problem it would be awesome if some other Senior GM could review this case because Tide is not responding to me on Discord so he's probably too busy. Looking forward to your response.
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