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  1. Commando!

    Twink 19

    Due to no interest put towards rebuilding the bracket and inside conflicts I'm disbanding <Cactus Apple Surprise> and giving up on the twinking for the time being. It's more about life. There is no point in wasting it here. Giving up also on community thingy, bcoz it has shown nothing promising apart from Powerlol tossing buckets of chum on other members. The community is overall toxic and my effort won't change a thing. In regards to the recent "Gurubashi Arena topic" I don't give a damn. You've ruined my work. Fuck you.
  2. Commando!

    Twink 19

    The name if my guild originates from the 'Galgar's Cactus Apple Surprise' quest. Truth is that every son or daughter of the Horde, at some point, have done that quest no matter if it was Vanilla WoW or any later expansion. Easily recognizable, catchy, goofy guild name has some advantages in combat. F.e. enemies start to question why is it named like that, why not <Destryurz> <BG Epic Boys> <Waghhhhsong Clan> etc. The idea born when I was playing TBC on retail. By default, it was supposed to be an Alliance guild name but it somehow persisted, when I've done my RF here in Horde (better location to fish.) I just wish I could've made a grammatic error in a guild name to keep it even more distracting ^^. Overall I haven't seen any critical response about our name. We definitely are fun, surprising and best served chilled, like our apples... erm... cactus apples.
  3. Commando!

    Twink 19

    Dear all, Warm welcome for <Ashenvale Scouts> for they have moved to the Alliance pastures, upholding the guild's tradition from Feronis days. All the best to Shapeless with managing his guild there. As it comes to the whole community, we can observe increasing activity in our bracket, meaning more players doing their characters and facing each other on the battlefield. To help that process both me and Shapeless decided to act for the best of our future endeavours and create a Community Hub on discord for the whole 10-19 twinking population on Angrathar. Credit to Powerlol for coming up with such an idea. Apart from the obvious purpose of such a discord we would like to make a little bit more of it like: * a platform for cross faction BiS twinking items exchange * event manager * overall class discussion * any cool idea someone might come up with. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/Fn59Hdd I hereby invite all of you to participate in it, use it well and maybe such a thing will make a huge difference in our expansion. Cheer and have a nice weekend! Commando PS. Sorry for not playing, examination session + Ulduar release take it's toll on me x)
  4. Commando!

    Assassination Rogue LITE Guide

    Personal gain from having the other glyph won't ever surpass the gain for someone being ToT'd repetitively (no matter if it's 6 or 10 sec) for these juicy 15% dmg, especially when called out during the proc. You don't lose much while doing so and the raid gains a lot. Unless you're selfish, then you can still raid Naxx. Cheers.
  5. Commando!

    Twink 19

    Time for a new post, since I've got several things I would love to cover here! In the beginning, I would love to thank <TFINKI> for being a good competitor on the Alliance side. You guys indeed bring glory to your faction Keep expanding and gear up nicely! Seeing you on the battlefield brings me joy and I hope there will be more epic battles between us in the future. Secondly, I hereby invite Horde players to join my own twinking guild called <Cactus Apple Surprise> !!! It's not only a recruitment post but something to encourage our players to do their twinks, regardless if they are lvl 10 like I did in the past (yes, I moved for lvl 19!) or lvl 19 serious players. Oh, how I wish to revive the 10-19 BG scene so we could become better than Warmane's Loarderon twinking arena. It won't happen without you, the players! Join me in Horde, your favourite Grand Master Angler or Prishi on the Alliance side and let's make it count! If you want to join the cooler guild, ask me or Kipalexd for an invite, going to help you develop your character no doubt. Discord thingy soon, probably after my finals ^^" Lastly, I wish you all to have a good day! I'll go back to achievement hunting for the time being. Peace!
  6. Commando!

    Twink 19

    Horde is dominant at this moment, we will see if there will be any rotation after 8 pm.
  7. Commando!

    [EU/PL] Twink Guild <Valar Morghulis> is recruiting!

  8. Commando!

    Twink 19

    The bracket has a blast. Hereby encouraging Alliance players to step right up on behalf of my legendary person and the whole <Ashenvale Scouts> community. We're passionate about 10-19 WSGs and World PvP as well as achievement hunting. At this very moment, I would like to give some appreciation to <Valar Morghulis> as the 1st twinking guild in Alliance to show some interest and being honorable opponents ^^. Keep expanding and see you on the battlefield.
  9. Commando!

    Realm Firsts!!!

    As the title says... let's start showing off! 28.01.2018 21:35 Grand Master Angler Commando - Fishin' be easy mon! https://imgur.com/a/98rpb https://imgur.com/a/Z84rH GM Tide's visit - still looking like a slave Cheers!
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