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  1. Haunterik

    Best PVE DPS

    DK is best
  2. BiS list for combat rogue for T9 (Trial of the Crusader) season Head: Garona's Helmet of Triumph Neck: Charge of the Eredar Shoulders: Garona's Pauldrons of Triumph Back: Sylvanas' Cunning (Bis even in ICC) Chest: Vest of Calamitous Fate Bracers: Bracers of Swift Death Hands: Garona's Gauntlets of Triumph Belt: Belt of the Merciless Killer Legs: Garona's Legplates of Triumph Boots: Icewalker Treads Ring 1: Ring of Callous Aggression Ring 2: Planestalker Signet Trinkets: Mjolnir Runestone + Death's Verdict Weapons: Hellscream Slicer + Blood Fury Ranged weapon: Death's Head Crossbow If you have any suggestions feel free to write it there, or you can share your own bis list
  3. Haunterik

    Blood elves make'd me reroll to alliance

    You are so funny bro
  4. Haunterik

    Wrong mute

    This Doremi is troll or retard, like really you write in say in other language and you got muted
  5. Ye, you would miss 21 hit with your bis list ( Thats 1 gem on a cloak). Ive make Rawr profiles of our 2 BiS lists and run them in Simcraft Results: Mine: 8798dps Yours: 8717dps Its basically same, only 81 DPS difference. Also Dark Matter is not that great as it seems, the crit is pretty useless compared to AP from the yog trinket. Only good thing is the passive AP.
  6. 1 agi has EP of 2 attack power. Also you wouldnt have hit even with shp
  7. You will miss around 95 hit rating + the set items are giving same stats. Head: Tier vs Mim HM -If you use mim HM helmet you will lose 2 attack power, 17 crit, , but you will gain 8 hit and 7 haste rating, Hands: Tier vs Algalon 10 man -If you use Algalon 10 maan hands, you will lose 14 attack power, 43 crit,but you will gain 11 hit rating and 48 haste. To the trinkets, you cant change Dark Matter for Blood of the old God, because you would miss 89 hit rating for hit cap. Conclusion: With tier head + gloves you will have same stats as mim HM head + Algalon hands, but with tier you get also 2 set and little bit more attack power and crit instead of little bit of hit and haste
  8. Make it easy, dont make it hard. No point of buffing HC for 2-3 gulds and other casual guilds will be stuck.
  9. 1.4 + 1.4 vs 1.8 + 1.8 So I have run some simulations in SimCraft + Rawr and Ive found out that 1.4 + 1.4 > 1.8 + 1.4. I was very surprised how close it was, but faster dagger are slightly better. Simulations were done with all raid buffs (Food buff, flask, potions, bloodlust, kings etc.) and with 20 000 tries on 300 seconds long fight (Tank and spank) with my BiS list.
  10. For everyone reading this just try it yourself and you will see whats better.
  11. So today I have tested it. I was DPSing for 5 minutes with 1.8 + 1.4 and then with 1.4 +1.4 weapons. 1) 1.4+1.4 speed weapons, 1 339 902 (4297,7) DMG Instant poison count: 377------> 427 802 DMG Meele count : 654-----> 355 008 DMG Envenom : 42-------> 230 915 Mutilate : 122------> 188 754 Energy gained : 1787 energy 2) 1.8+1.4 speed weapons, 1 281 108 (4108,2) DMG Instant poison count: 362----> 414 121 DMG Meele count : 566---> 328 129 DMG Envenom :39-------> 219 656 Mutilate : 118---> 181 506 Energy gained : 1611 energy Conclusion: Fast daggers are more worth in T7/T8 and T9 seasons, since they give you more procs (via energy gained= higher up-time on Envenom buff). In ICC you have enough haste to go for 1.8 speed weapon in main hand. More haste you have, lower the difference between the 1.8 and 1.4 dagger is. Also with enough haste you can keep up Envenom buff 24/7, so theres no need for 1.4 speed dagger.
  12. Haunterik

    Arms PVE BiS

    DPS: 6557 LUL
  13. BiS list for assasination rogue for T8 (Ulduar) season Head: Conqueror's Terrorblade Helmet Gems: Relentless Earthsiege Diamond + Bright Scarlet Ruby Neck: Pendulum of Infinity Gems: Bright Scarlet Ruby Shoulders: Shoulderpads of the Intruder Gems: x2 Bright Scarlet Ruby Back: Drape of Icy Intent ( Drape of the Faceless General is basically second BiS cloak. Its gives you only 10 DPS less) Gems: Bright Scarlet Ruby Chest: Embrace of the Gladiator Gems: x3 Bright Dragon's Eye Bracers: Solar Bindings Gems: Bright Scarlet Ruby Hands: Conqueror's Terrorblade Gauntlets Gems: Bright Scarlet Ruby Belt: Soul-Devouring Cinch Gems: x3 Bright Scarlet Ruby Legs: Legguards of Cunning Deception Gems: x3 Bright Scarlet Ruby Boots: Footpads of Silence Gems: Nightmare Tear + Delicate Stormjewel Ring 1: Brann's Signet Ring Gems: Bright Scarlet Ruby Ring 2: Godbane Signet Trinkets: Comet's Trail + Blood of the Old God Weapons: Bladetwister + Bladetwister Gems: Bright Scarlet Ruby + Bright Scarlet Ruby Ranged weapon: Siren's Cry Q: Why do you have arp items in your list? A: Because the amount of attack power which you get from it is more worth than the other options. Q: Why dont you have Fang of Oblivion in your list? A: Because its speed is 1.8, and that means you will get less instant poison procs. As rogue you want to aim for the fastest daggers you can get.
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