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  1. Knewklear


    Deal with it.
  2. Knewklear

    Something has to be done about global

    Sunwell staff don't have consistent moderation for their rules. I gave up on abiding by rules long ago. Hurt feelings to your heart's content.
  3. Knewklear

    ASSHOLES List (Alliance)

    Polish people should be easy to add on this list. I've been kicked by them multiple times for no given reason. <By The Way> is good at this.
  4. Knewklear

    Question for everyone

    I'd like to know as well. I never got a chance to fully gear my character.
  5. Knewklear

    Text Problem

  6. Knewklear

    Trade and LFG Chat

  7. Knewklear

    Text Problem

    I don't believe for this to be a server side issue but just in case it is, I would like your opinion on it and perhaps a possible fix. Certain text is almost seen as doubled but with other colours.
  8. Knewklear

    Can't Connect

    I'm in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and when at school (University of Ottawa), I can't connect to the server. Is it perhaps due to the school's restrictions? If so, is there a way to bypass that?
  9. It depends on how you affect others. How you're able to influence others does a lot.
  10. Knewklear

    International - PvP - Feel Bad Inc

    Recruiting anyone with an interest for PvP. That means no level or skill req. We are the only pure PvP guild here. Premade BGs, arenas, WG, WPvP, For the Alliance raids, twinking, etc. You name it, we do it. Whisper me in-game for info or an inv or message me here.
  11. Someone JUST told me that on DC. Thanks.
  12. I just tried visiting that link. Page isn't found.
  13. Knewklear

    Gold Seller

    Proof attached. Ban him.
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