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    Dungeon group that kick other players

    It's an issue that's been going on since the beginning. I, as well as many others, have complained about it. They tried to do something by finding a way to force players to do the runs they basically signed up for, but they caved into the overwhelming pressure of the players who demanded to be allowed to. I think part of what they tried to do was lessen the rewards for randoms.
  2. Lyalp

    People kicking others from randoms.

    You're making a lot of bad points here, not elaborating where they need to be and insulting us for arguing back. I'm done here. 😛
  3. Lyalp

    People kicking others from randoms.

    Not even five seconds can pass when a group is formed and somebody is asking to be kicked out or there's an attempt to kick somebody. This happens in any instance. I have no other explanation of this except either people just don't want to do that specific instance, and some have admitted to this, or they're too 'bad ass' and not liking people's gear potential. This entire thing isn't even about level 80 instances. This also revolves around the many problems I've had with trying to do leveling instance where I would have quests that would need to be done. Many people have had to deal with this, but there is the majority of people who fixate on certain instances to the point that they kick or will refuse to budge if they aren't.
  4. Lyalp

    People kicking others from randoms.

    People are capable of doing very well. People are able to learn each aspect of all the instances. Just because their gear is low, doesn't make them terrible people. I've been in many runs where somebody would throw a fit because of bad gear, even though the person they're complaining about does more than enough after they leave.
  5. I don't blame you, personally. I'm well geared and know how to play this expan very well. I'm considering giving this up since I've had enough of the BS players who are actually full crap. Sunwell seems amazing at first, but they don't do much, if anything, because they give in too easily to those who like things the way they are. It's toxic, I'd leave it. I'm sure I will very soon.
  6. This is the most toxic BS I've seen on this server, and I'd like to think that this statement says a lot. If you don't wanna do certain instances, then don't sign up for a random. You're wasting people's time and energy because you're childish and don't want to take responsibility for your decision by going through with the instance or leaving the group. Nobody should have to kick you, and we shouldn't have to deal with being kicked out because of your immaturity.
  7. Lyalp

    Dungeon Finder Problem

    This is often done when people are aiming to do certain instances. Many of us have been down this road in trying to get Sunwell to keep this from happening. It's bullshit and needs to stop.
  8. Actually... If we're gonna follow this line of thought, I feel this would also call for a rule against people requiring achievements for raids. I agree that there should be one for reservations, but I think this might open a line of other rules that could be used as a counterargument.
  9. Lyalp


    The first problem is partially due to people going afk. Generally people who went afk prior to the start of the round. It's happened to me a few times because of some RL thing requiring my attention. The second issue is something I've noticed a lot. As a Horde, I often see players getting into the fortress before we take down the wall. I've always figured it was by their cuing in to the round, inside the fortress, before it starts. I've done this a few times. It obviously doesn't explain the vehicle issue, but it's something I've noticed.
  10. I know my complaints, so I'm really asking this for input from others. I was wondering what one complaint you have for those in the other role, tank or heals, when they come out and, reasonably or not, blame you for things. I tend to get people blaming me when they have their own faults. I think there should be a list of rules and guidelines for each end and I personally find it hilarious that I've gone as far as being blocked after being blamed for something when the other person isn't even good at their role.
  11. I'll also add that we should probably use some of the other chats for guild/group finding. I get that spams for these happen, but it gets extremely annoying trying to look in between these advertisements for other content/talks.
  12. This happens with too many people. Haven't had somebody try to harass me like this yet, but I've had too many people get pissy because I'm not going fast enough.
  13. Lyalp

    Catch up mechanics : Yay or Nay?

    Nobody's gonna care about somebody using names and childish reactions to concerns they have. It's not just about the alts. It's the fact that people come into this all and have this elitist mentality when they probably don't even know how to really use their chars. It becomes an issue of feeling resentful. Same with other issues, gold buying, buying levels, multiboxing. You name it.
  14. Lyalp

    People kicking others from randoms.

    I'd be a little more game with removing it in general. I've never used it specifically for leveling. Always done a mix of dungeons and questing. I already know that any possibility of people not being able to speed level will set people off,though. All three of these solutions would be huge problems for people. The third being the lesser, but those of us who actually give a damn enough to run whatever we get would be out of luck.
  15. Lyalp

    People kicking others from randoms.

    I understand this is a problem. While I did kinda target you in this out of frustration, my focus is more on the players who are doing this. This is one of those situations that aren't easy to fix. I get it. I've been there many times. Having been in your position, it's not hard for me to. Yes, I'm sorry for targeting you who are involved. It wasn't entirely necessary. Just venting at that point. The fact that you've had such an extreme backlash to the point that you've had to remove attempted solution is incredibly disheartening to me. I find it absolutely frustrating and I find this situation another example of how people can't just enjoy this game without ruining it for others. I'd like to think many people agree with this, but it sounds to me like that's a very very wrong assumption to make. Once again, I'm sorry for the frustration.
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