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    Report Maggotmvp

    Your name - Feniu Reported player's name - Maggotmvp Date -06.02.2018 Rule that was broken -offensive language, racist Description -after 2 wipes on ignis trash, i told him how to do it and that was his reaction Evidence - https://gyazo.com/8f1331d820cf6f7dbe7ec57c78c740cb https://gyazo.com/95e2ef52a168ae6fa3c5abbba641a399 https://gyazo.com/15dcfe687452bb888748bc971bb8c0a2 https://gyazo.com/37ae16ca7a173663034407b7df7460f9 after i posted it again https://gyazo.com/c34d66160eceb5464d5b2421ddf505b8
  2. We are still lf more ppl for Ulduar 25 man progress. We need healers, and dps. We have 2 or 3 spots to fill in our 25 man grp. If u want to know more /w Feniek or Sidey in game or here.
  3. We manage to kill Malygos 25 man today. We are still lf skilled enh shaman and hunters.
  4. Yes we are u can talk to me in game.
  5. UPDATE After we "lost" Unimax and Bigcritz we were able to progress saph and kt in one day so now we are polish guild 15/15 naxx 25. We are looking for Holy Paladin and DPS to improve our roster /w for more info feniek, dway, vakuqt, novar
  6. We are now 13/15 naxx 25 we are recruting surv hunter,hpal, frostdk, tankdk, retpal (coz crybaby retloladin unimax left guild, not a great raider so leave him guildless, my advice).
  7. We cleared t7 25 man content and now we are looking for skilled, exceptional players. We need people with high attendance for our ulduar progress. If u want to know more pm me or any other officer in game. Feniek, Sidey, Jerzyurban, Ninea
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