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  1. Oh thanks guys :P. But still need to know what items need on Naxx 25/ os 25. like hmm 4 pieces of t7.5 or not. trinkets and all of gear pieces becouse i didn't know what to gear up with Best In Slot items
  2. Ouh nice TIP. When i get clearcasting i spam HOT's so i forget to cast lifebloom. And i thinking why i get OOM always
  3. Hello. I'm fresh healer and Can somebody help me with make BIS list for gear in NAXX content and if u can make for me talent's at this moment :P. Im looking for that in many forums for this content but. Only found one or two lazy guides. And i have question. How to heal as resto.... Atm i get 3.7gs but in raids i see difference between me and rest of the people like Holy Pala and resto shammy or Holy Priest. maybe I'm doing something wrong. Im HOTing MT and off tank ( reju, regrowth ) all time, when CD's off for Wild Growth i will use it. When ppl get DMG i'm reju them or using nourish when dmg its big. But i see on recount im not the best :P. And in this content how to gear up? Haste>SP>spirit>INT>MP5>CRIT? Cheers
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