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    Angrathar: Endgame

    "hardocre" right. Well as a member of one guild that keeps working on LoD I can tell you almost no one gives a damn about the buffed version of LK. Get it over and done with.
  2. Costin

    Periodic Survey: Angrathar - Summary!

    Pardon me but Ulduar was nonsense in many cases, requiring ridiculous raid setups, that were never required on retail or even used in the best guilds that were racing for world firsts, notable exception being Yogg-0, to kill certain bosses. It ended burning out a lot of people and as a result guilds ended dying, quite a few of them. Frankly speaking I'd rather not have to go through the same experience in ICC. It's one thing to have a challenge, which ICC HC by default without the buff most certainly provides, it's completely different to not even be able to do certain bosses because you don't have a class stacked raid, which was absolutely the case for many bosses in Ulduar.
  3. Costin

    Periodic Survey: Angrathar - Summary!

    That's certainly fair enough when talking about server firsts, but there were quite a few bosses on this server where it wasn't a case of an advantage but a necessity.
  4. Costin

    Periodic Survey: Angrathar - Summary!

    Well time to get ready for another round of ridiculous class stacking and custom mechanics to do the hard content, or at least that's what I'm going to assume since that's how Malygos and Ulduar rolled. ICC 25 LK HC fight was a finely tuned DPS race, even with the full buff it wasn't a cakewalk and it took some time to add it and the rest of ICC was hardly a cakewalk. There are 4 guilds currently who have done Anub 25 HC, 3 of them 50/50, fourth with over 45/50 and TOGC is considerably easier then ICC. Who precisely are you catering to here? A bunch of people in a poll that will never even attempt it? The few of us in guilds even capable of attempting it, unless we get screwed over by the required stacking and insane DPS requirements? It's understandable that ICC is some years old, but even by default it's not something you walk over when talking of bosses like Lich King, Putricide or Lady Deathwhisper.
  5. Costin

    [EU] Singularity - Building 25 Man Raiding Team

    bump we are looking for healers right now. In particular resto shaman/druid.
  6. Costin

    [EU] Singularity - Building 25 Man Raiding Team

    bump. Looking to recruit rogues/shamans/hunters/mages in particular at the moment.
  7. Guild Intro With a strong guild core made up of experienced retail and private server players Singularity is looking to build up it's 25 man team to progress here on Sunwell. We want to clear the content within a reasonable time without a hardcore raiding schedule. Raid Times: Thursday/Monday 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time. Invites start at 19:45. Loot Distribution: Loot Council for important items: Weapons, Trinkets, Tier Tokens. MS>OS, +1 System Be Punctual and Prepared: We expect people to show up a few minutes before the raid starts so we can sort the invites out. It's also expected that you bring consumables and read up on boss tactics. Communication is Key: Paying attention to your raid leaders is key to having a successful raid. Listen to the calls being made during fights and the tactics beforehand. Do not be afraid to speak out if you are uncertain of what your role is. If you have questions about your class/spec speak to the officers. Current Recruitment We are currently recruiting a few more people to complete our 25 man raid roster. Priority would be on a hunter and DPS warrior but we are recruiting almost all classes/specs atm. If you are interested post a message here or whisper any of the following in-game: Costin, Ekmu, Outplay, Uppercut.
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