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  1. You will all change your tune once you play on a barren server
  2. Isn't it obvious at this point that their goal is to put out any activity on Angrathar in preparation for TBC? Angrathar is going to end up like Feronis did.
  3. And there I was thinking you were trying to have a legitimate discussion. Instead, you're just flexing your e-muscles in hopes of showing off your superiority in a 10-year-old game. So long!
  4. The fact that a handful of guilds will be able to clear it in two weeks doesn't mean that the rest of the server will. It will probably take weeks or even months for the weaker guilds (and by that I mean the guilds that are still struggling with Ulduar hard modes) to progress through the "25% ToGC". Hardcore guilds will always deal with whatever is thrown at them, but they make up only a fraction of the server's population. You cannot cater for the needs of the few by releasing a super buffed version of the content that was supposed to be filler in the first place. Tier 9 is a time for guilds to bolster their rosters in preparation for ICC, for people to do pug runs of ToC and perhaps even a few bosses in ToGC on five alts, not another ordeal to go through. I'm sure once we get ICC it will be properly tuned, but to overbuff ToGC would be a terrible, terrible idea that would make the server die a painful death. Overall a good decision on the server staff's part, but as I stressed, ICC needs to be released as soon as possible.
  5. I'm glad you decided against introducing bullshit custom changes to ToGC that only serve to alienate 90% of the community and are actually fun to maybe one or two guilds on the entire realm. Still, I do believe that with ToGC being pretty easy, the release of the next content needs to be much quicker than it was in the case of Ulduar. There are many other servers coming and ToGC is too poor of a raid to keep players hooked on Sunwell for months to come.
  6. Badrng


    To be honest, if you are so intent on enforcing English as the only language allowed on general channels, you should also enforce linking items and spells in that same language. I keep seeing question marks being linked all over the global chat that I have to click on to find out what they stand for.
  7. I also found that my simcraft suddenly started crashing some time ago, is there any way to fix that or could anyone share a working version? I'd much appreciate.
  8. Badrng

    Post-Ulduar news!

    I think there is very little doubt that any sort of tuning that doesn't make a fight mathemtically impossible is unlikely to be too difficult for a well-organized group of elite players, which in itself makes the whole point of custom buffs pretty moot. All of the wotlk bosses have been farmed by such people on different servers in a number of iterations, so no matter what you throw at them they will be able to overcome it because the fights don't really change except for some adjustments in strategies that stem from inflated numbers of health points or damage values. However, the server is not made up exclusively of guilds with enough dedication to progress overtuned fights just for kicks, and if anything I would hazard a guess that a majority of players are actually discouraged by the current Ulduar. Sunwell staff wanted to impress the said handful of elite players with what can only be called a custom content, and that only served to alienate the rest of the server. Now, I don't really have anything against introducing some changes, nor do I think anyone does, but it's been taken a little bit too far. Normal modes are pretty easy for any group, yet the hard modes are so much more difficult that there is no middle ground for less dedicated guilds. Having said that, I do think that the ToGC content should be made at least somewhat more demanding than its blizzlike version. These fights are already extremely simple and could definitely use some more flavour. Still, there is a lesson to be learned from Sunduar that trying to cater for the overblown expectations of a very limited number of players isn't necessarily the best thing for the community. Also, kudos to playing ironically for the skill it took to clear all of that content in such a short amount of time, that was impressive no matter what anyone says.
  9. Badrng

    T7.5 Warlock BiS (All specs) (Rawr simmed)

    Thanks! It also seems like demo sims higher than affli for me, is that expected or am I doing something wrong with the sim? It looks like affli is more capable than demo in game.
  10. Badrng

    T7.5 Warlock BiS (All specs) (Rawr simmed)

    I tried simming my warlock in simcraft and it simmed at 6800 dps, yet later on in the chart my pet is listed separately at around 880 dps, is that value already included in those 6800 dps at the top of the results page, or should I add both values to get the actual estimated dps of both me and my pet?
  11. Badrng

    [Working] DrDamage - WOTLK - Sunwell

    Hey, DrDamage doesn't display any texts on my ElvUI action bars, has anyone come across this problem? Is there any way to fix that?
  12. Badrng


    Would you mind sharing that modified simcraft? I'd be eternally grateful.
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