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  1. Blist

    Icecrown Citadel 25HC Boost

    The amount of kids crying for attention in this thread: infinite. 1. A report has been filed - it's largely viewed and caught their attention. Furthermore the discord and forum were spammed with their tags - why do you need to stress them even more, let them do their work. 2. Chosen guilds tested/reported new content throughout the being of this server - titan was one of them. (No, iCC wasn't up for test publicly) Dont you think adults (who run this project whole heartedly) monitor and watch progression, in which they've put so much time and effort?
  2. Blist

    A typical day in the office ...

    Hard to accuse someone of multiboxing when he's alone in a dungeon with his 4 alts - so it kinda fit the meme ))
  3. Plz dont ban me also, thanks.
  4. Blist

    Dungeon ninja

    It's not your item until you won it - therefore it cant be considered stealing.
  5. Blist

    Weekly quest reset 2 times in 1 week.

    I think its an homage to the real world - the working class (those who do all the work when its required to be done) benefits over those who put it off to another day. maybe start working.
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