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  1. Piootrek

    Neberal - Piootrek

    Hello. Multiboxing in dungeons isn't allowed. Appeal rejected.
  2. Piootrek

    Shaw (Baned by Piootrek)

  3. Piootrek

    Acedog(Baned by Piootrek)

  4. Piootrek

    Account freeze

    Contact with me via Discord.
  5. Piootrek

    Character Name:vurete

  6. Piootrek

    Applying for unsealing. False sealing.

    Contact with me on Discord. I will unban you if you prove that you weren't using 3rd party software.
  7. Piootrek

    Whitegirl muted by Unkown

    Appeal rejected
  8. Piootrek

    Global Chat Ban Appeal

    You were calling players "fucking retards", appeal rejected.
  9. Piootrek

    [Rodbit] Mutted by Piootrek

    You were spaming with "anal" jokes with other players on global chat. Appeal rejected.
  10. Piootrek

    [Report] Lionamuewf

  11. Hello. I unmuted you this time. Regards.
  12. Piootrek

    Game account: Pablo93 banned by Shatter

    Your account were banned 8 months ago. It's too late for an appeal. You can still make a new account.
  13. Piootrek

    [Report - Ninja looting] Imnotvulgar

    Needing an item on 5-Man dungeons is not considered ninjalooting. Report rejected.
  14. Piootrek

    Wtyczka banned by Piootrek

    Hello. I'm 100% sure you were using speed hack. Your character was running with insane speed and you had low latency. Appeal rejected.
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