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    Problem with suggest realmlist

    TL;DR - Shit server, shit support, bye. Is there really no support for this? No admin posts since Dec 1st. I followed the connect guide to the letter, I tried different clients, I DLed the realmlist.wtf and used that. I've been playing on private servers for years and I know sometimes there's little quirks and maybe a tweak or two you have to do to get connected, but usually that info is in the guide or an admin responds pretty quickly. This has been a problem for months it looks like and nothing has been done to address it except assume people are idiots and ignore them. This is why the population isn't growing, no one can connect lmao. Guess I'll try another TBC server then. Peace.
  2. Fuzzmustard

    Problem with suggest realmlist

    Same issue. setting realm name to Nightbane fixed nothing.
  3. Fuzzmustard

    Is Nightbane closed?

    Thought Id play some TBC and i like Sunwell so I DLed the TBC client and set realmlist to set realmlist logon.sunwell.pl When I try to logon there is no realm to connect to. It accepts my username and pass so im sure its connecting to sunwell.
  4. Fuzzmustard

    This player should be Banned?

    Also, this isn't Blizzard, they won't ban for whispering insults. Put the player on ignore and move on with life.
  5. Fuzzmustard

    Good time to start playing now?

    I wouldn't join here though. Guilds require latest gear to join and pugs wanna 18-20 man 25 content and 7-8 man 10 man content and require higher than what drops just so they don't have to award loot to what they call "retard players" that joined later than everyone else. Leveled my first to 80 than got BiS heroics geared and still don't qualify for 10 Naxx pugs, did the same with 4 other chars and now i'm leaving due to no raids. You're welcome to try but I would suggest finding an even newer server as communities seems to become more and more toxic as time goes by.
  6. Fuzzmustard

    Random racist remarks

    Just standing there and some low level stars whispering racist remarks at me...
  7. These players refused to speak English, then tried to make fun of me and healer cause we couldn't speak their language.
  8. Fuzzmustard

    Dear Sunwell Staff... (Latency)

    Dear Sunwell Staff, Please stop throttling NA players, we like to play the game too. Here's a few reasons why I believe you are throttling us: - When throttling occurs, latency is not stable and tends to vary greatly. (more than +-100ms) - When using a VPN from EU I get 120ms-130ms , When using no VPN i get 600ms-900ms (Been testing this for nearly a month) - I used speedtest.net to connect to a server in Poland and tested the speed 3 times: 128ms, 123ms, 130ms. Yet on this server, which I understand is located in Poland, I get 600ms-900ms - I enabled Leatrix Latency Fix, because of how it functions, even when it doesn't "work" it should result in a change of latency even to a small degree. I saw no change at all, meaning my drop in latency is coming from an outside source and not from me. - People point out that, "My friend from US is playing just fine!" When a server throttles a region, they typically only effect 30%-50% of the networks in that region because of the differences in network configurations. It's difficult to make a "works on all" button for something that can have so many different and complex varieties. I am expecting to see a GM post saying something along the lines of, "We're not throttling NA, it's on your end." and while it is true that none of this is 100% proof that you guys are throttling NA, I have spent the last hour testing and making sure it's not on my end. I see SERVER posts bragging about having 5300 and 5400 players online. Maybe the server hardware cannot handle that load? If you guys are throttling NA, I think you should be open and honest about it and make an announcement when you do so that we can move on and do something else while you guys are trying to conserve resources. Thanks, FuzzMustard Edit: couple of spelling and grammar mistakes
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