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  1. filthycasual

    Melee class suggestions

    Hey, I am interested in making a new class (melee) I have always played a caster so I don't know much about melee overall. so I would like a class (DPs) that is fairly easy to learn. May be something that is good in Ulduar.give me your input. tell me about a class and why you like it or why you suggest it Thanks in advance
  2. hello i am a priest that has some questions about the rotation of a shadow priest. i have read alot of forums about the rotation/opener. but one thing i see is that all the openers are different. i have played around with a handfull of openers as for now i use: (VT > MB > MF > SW.P > DP) or (VT > DP > MB > MFx2 > SW.P) but before i start that i usually use Renew a few sec before pull, to proc trinkets etc, then i use Inner Focus > Shadowfiend > Opener i have 4.150gs and i get at max 3.8dps on a dummy with only my own buffs(no flask or potion). however i did get 4k dps on a dummy(my buffs) once back when i had worse gear(i think i had around 3.8/3.9gs) i just think that i got lucky with procs or whatever, but i believe my class has more potential. Bonus Damage(spellpower) 2267, (2077 unbuffed) Hit Rating: 266(Im Draenei) Crit chance: 11.06%/193 Rating Haste: 607/18.51% what im asking is if other shadow priests or someone who knows the class would like to share their opener, dummy dps, and stats and additional helpful information im not sorry for bad english
  3. filthycasual

    Mist of Pandaria

    yea im exited for mop as well!
  4. filthycasual


    hey so i dont know if this post is even in the right section. but i have something i want the gms to see i got banned and so did my brother. you can probably guess what it was. we bought gold from a website i wont be mentioning(so it dosnt get advertised) well i was logged on wow and saw in the global chat people talking with dredd the gm about banning gold buyers/sellers. and about 20min later i was logged out and suspended.. ofcourse this is right of them to do. but then i make a new acc so i can get in touch with the gms and talk about what my punishment was. 30day ban plus all gold removed from all characters. and i asked if there was anything i could do to speed up the supsension. he said that those who did it had at some point tonight 5min to confess. i had no idea i could do that. i shouldnt even be awake at this point. when i saw the global chat i wanted to confess but i couldnt make up my mind my brother aswell got banned he has no idea at this point because he is asleep. in my country it is 03:48. and yes i know his acc pass. we are close and i speak for the both of us. please let us play more the last 2 weeks i have 6days online(not sure what he has but something around that) we have waited a very long time for a functioning wotlk realm that is also fresh. please dont come with hateful comments if this post is in the wrong section please move this if possible
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