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  1. I am Groot

    LF Guild

    Hello I'm looking for any guild Ally or Horde raiding from Monday to Friday at about 4-6pm to 8pm server time. Ranged or Melee dps with tank offspec. I have knowledge about Naxx/Ulduar raiding and some of ToC too. Pls pm me if you are interested for more details. Best regards.
  2. Same here, my income in game collapsed. Is there no other way realy? Baning all mails with dots and word "dot" would be better imo.
  3. Hello, I've seen many Balance Druids with standard talents recommended for ICC/wotlk content from many guides, and here is my question. Is this good idea on this content to pass 3/3 Improved Insect Swarm? How about rotation? I've heard once that you can make more dps without using Insect Swarm at all, or is this true for ICC content maybe?
  4. I dont think Furor 5/5 is so good. Be aware that it only give anything if you're shapeshifting at 60+ energy vs 3/5. Is that so common while dpsing? When I asked Shred vs FB I was thinking about replacing all FBs you could make with Shreds. FB is realy crap when you use it with more than minimum energy plus most likely you will use FB with Berserk, so it means you probably use maximum energy for FB. And in my opinion it's huge waste. I get pretty nice dps when I just spam Shred while Berserking, check it.
  5. What do you think about FB vs Shred spam at this content?
  6. I am Groot

    [Report] Hordespii / Hordedie

    Your name - BoneshakerReported player's name - Hordespii / HordedieDate - 2 March 2018Rule that was broken - Verbal harassmentDescription - I buy greens from north, thats why I macro global time to time, no idea why its get him so mad. Be aware those chars are 1st lvlsEvidence -
  7. I am Groot

    Exp lock

    You need to talk to NPC in Orgrimmar. http://www.wowhead.com/npc=35364/slahtz He is in stealth.
  8. I am Groot

    Guide: Fury Warrior

    No offence but what's the point in guide that will be usefull in about 8-12 months maybe ?
  9. Yes, thats main reason for Rdudus to oom, I recomend you Power Auras and icon for Clearcasting poping out. You will see great diference. BTW when healing try to make it with some breaks, ofc if you are allowed to. I mean, when you cast HoTs and take a break, after some time your mana will start to regenerate at full speed.
  10. At this content best gear would be full of spirit and haste. Try to reach haste soft cap for 1s GCD. Dont forget to use Lifebloom every Clearcasting to stay topped with mana.
  11. I am Groot

    Account Privileges Directions

    All boosts and other privileges are real time duration. Indeed command guide would be nice.
  12. I am Groot

    Bans for newly created chars.

    I've ment punishment instead of ban, sry my mistake and thanks for answering.
  13. Hello, Recently I've created Report topic: I was just enlightened, that player who wispered me was most probably Ally that Ive killed before in Helfire Penisula. So my question is to @Tide. Does that char get the ban or it's for the whole account?
  14. I am Groot

    Client Link

    You can allways find another wotlk client, and remaster it by yourself.
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