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  1. If you go to a Horde outpost and just stand there /waving at people, you're asking to get ganked. If you ambush someone after they run *just* far enough away from their outpost, that's not looking for trouble mate, that's ganking.
  2. Draeger

    Which healer to roll?

    Every guild needs at least one disc priest in for LK, so might as well roll holy priest til then and respec.
  3. Draeger

    Which faction?

    I guess it’s more of an idictment of the racial imbalance than the relative free market of player choice and responses to incentives. Your point is a good one, I just don’t like the reality. The problem is Alliance ends up with a lot more gankers than Horde ever does because of the racials, I feel, partially as a result of the imbalance. Perhaps thats what I’m incensed about most, as I’m leveling an alt right now and getting ganked on the reg.
  4. Draeger

    Which faction?

    If you base your decision to join either faction based on the racials, you're a minmaxing munchkin powergamer and probably the kind of person who enjoys beating the AI in RTS games using cheats. I have little respect for powergamers in MMORPGs. Go play LoL or Overwatch. Up to you, though.
  5. Possible bug? I will edit with screenshot in a bit. When selecting a dead enemy I get the ‘Hammer of Wrath’ popup/prompt, regardless of whether I killed it or not.
  6. Draeger

    Big issue in RDF system

    If you don’t like getting guild’d in RDF, then run with your own guild. /thread.
  7. Draeger

    Classes the Horde needs

    Make a Troll Rogue named Snowflake
  8. Draeger

    What to choose to make money?

    Alchemy uber alles, unfortunately, because it's a bit boring. Be wary of supply/demand. Now that Naxx has been out, crafting profs (except Inscription, WTB Nobles Deck) are way less profitable because everyone's getting raid gear. Not to say they aren't subjectively worth pursuing if you want the bonuses, or you just like being able to make your own cool stuff (Engineering ftw) or sell/give to guildies etc. Titansteel/Spellweave/etc gear will always sell, but not as much as Alchemy. Enchanting is always in high demand, but not as high as Alchemy (one's [semi]permanent, the other's consumable; you do the math). Basically, crafting always gets a boost with each new patch, but falls off right away once everyone's in raid gear. Gathering is good if you're lazy (don't want to watch AH like a hawk/learn an AH addon), otherwise if money's your goal, go Alchemy---again, with the caveat of obeying supply/demand.
  9. Any reason the Saliva-Corroded Pike isn't considered a Strength DPS wep? Why just druid tank wep? 80-something strength + crit seems pretty dps to me.
  10. Draeger

    Bazaar on Angrathar

    Happy to tie up the vote. I think Bazaar *should* be implemented (and that retail should have been F2P with bazaar-like ingame market from the get-go) with some caveats; here's why: 1) It will snuff out the illicit gold trade almost overnight, I suspect. Dunno about Feronis but I can't see gold farming operations surviving the implementation of a $/gold system; 2) The economy is starving for gold right now. There are too many gold dumps (training, skills, repairs etc---especially since Naxx), thus prices for normally profitable farmable goods (Chunk o' Mammoth comes to mind, currently 75s/ea on Angrathar, 'should' be somewhere around 2g/ea). Keynesian stimulus usually results in massive artificial demand and bubbles, and I expect a certain amount to be sure, but with all the gold dumps sucking currency out of the economy I think this should balance out and even create new markets for otherwise unprofitable markets (lowbie, non-cloth trade goods, PVP commodities, etc); 3) The devs have taken a firm stance against selling raid, tier and custom gear, which is REALLY SUPER encouraging as far as I'm concerned. This gives me a lot of confidence in the future of the server, the fidelity and integrity of the devs, and the potential success of a 'gold injection' system (such that it will, for the most part, only go one way: $ > SC > gold, as opposed to the other way around, serving as just another gold dump---already too many of those). I of course see the potential for corruption, but the devs have done nothing but impress me from the start. The very minute I see raid or tier gear up on the Sunwell store, though, I'm outta here. Not messing around with *another* server that does nothing but cater to dolphins and whales.
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