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  1. Gotty


    I would like to know why the gm have not yet responded to my tiket.......
  2. to be banned immediately...
  3. Gotty


    you are digging your own grave with your own hands to try to save yourself... you're making up senseless things!! the facts speak for themselves he wanted to give that weapon because it belonged to his guild, I have behaved in the correct way of the regulation i rolled a ms thing i needed, eh don't talk about gems etc. etc. and common sense. in this case he is a ninja!!!!!
  4. Gotty


    thank you very much Sorandor these people are just trying to cover their asses for the mistake they made. I am completely wrong but they insist, as I insist on sending tiket until the GMs do something!!
  5. Gotty


    then let's say it as it is, it was a pug raid, in all the years I've played pug wow you win by rolling MS>OS>DE. there is no such thing as I hear (the one needs it most) How many times have I won pieces that increased item levels etc. but gave them to people who had the same pieces but with different statistics? it was not a guild run nor were the pieces given to those who needed them most! I rolled because I needed it for my (MS) useless to turn the omelette. (and sorry if I write something wrong but I'm using google translate)
  6. Gotty


    in fact it was he who decided that it is not an improvement, I rolled for the class I play that's the weapon with the best stats for hunter Marksmanship, it improved me even more than 10 hc. if it didn't improve my stats, I didn't roll, I'm not a thief like you who have decided things for you. and then don't say bullshit that it was you who ignored me throughout the raid, not me. because you have to save your face!!!
  7. Gotty


    As you can see, I had won the piece with the shot, but I was not given, not even an answer Raid leader name: Majinzor Name of his guild friend: Huntarden On 26/08/2020
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