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    Ninja - Nikkinatur

    greate then all tell friends roll item after if some one give you 2 chats big chats iven if they on macro time to spawn next time all raid leader must whait even 20 sec becose somone will rol after win and hee must give back to person who roll higer hahaha nice rulese
  2. Fynn

    Ninja - Nikkinatur

    first he trade me to give me item next sham rolled & he cancel trade if someone giving on trade that person win this is noth my fall sham was sleep rolling is ending on trade
  3. Topic name: Ninja - Nikkinatur Topic content: Blade of the Silver Disciple Your name - Fynn Reported player's name - Nikkinatur Date - 7.31.2020 Description - Nikkinatur start give items after killing anub.. No one was interested this item i was only one who rolled.. He wanna give me on trade buth after 8 sec sham whakeade up (Elshers) and rolled more than mee.. RL stop trade whith mee and give it to sham Evidence - Attached screenshots show my roll and world chat after sham place his roll After asking rl why heee stop trading hee said sham roll more
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