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    Mythic+ Project

    Since you can't personalize receiving items for a specific class. There is solution. Only reward from mithic+ dungeon will be mithic dust. The more difficult dungeon the more dust will be earned. You could put sevelar npc with all items. First npc with all recipes from toc and ulduar, Second npc with items from naxx, 3rd with items form ulduar, 4th with items from toc, 5th with items from icc, 6th with items from rs. Items from icc and rs will be the most expensive, items form naxx will be the cheapest. Everyone will buy what he wants for mithic dust, this will solve the drop problem. Val'anyr fragments and shadowmourne shard won't be available to buy for dust.
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    "The Guardians! - New international guild

    hello, this still present?
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    even rhc will be fine
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    Is possible to gather any 10m or 25m raid right now on Angrathar on alliance side?
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    Is character transfer possible yet?
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