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    Loot bug due to disconnect

    Hello Team, please help with loot distribution of those items to Furcio. He was in the raid during pull and got disconnected. I cant distribute loot to him as LM now. I also opened a ticket. /e Fragment of Valanyr couldnt be distributed to him Thanks
  2. m8tydave

    Suspicion of Multiboxing

    Hello Team, I'd like to report a strong suspicion of multiboxing in toc25 Raid. Characters that multiboxed are Omiil & Omiils. Could you please verify my suspicion or at least have them on your watch list. I can only attach Screenshots that should be proof enough regarding number of autohits and spells cast in comparison with another DPS. I think under consideration of slower attack speed and what not it should be highly probable the Awar(Omiils) multiboxed with the Hpal (Omiil). To conclude my suspsicion i would say it's obvious enough given the selection of names and being in the same guild (Dark Wings). Thanks for your support and keeping this realm clean.
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