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  1. Dear players! Our main focus related to next content is provide you the best Icecrown Citadel experience. We are glad that we have received plenty of messages regarding to Icecrown Citadel release schedule. Thus far, there is one significant suggestion that was delivered to us by several players, that we want to submit to discussion. 1) We have suggested that we will release entire Icecrown Citadel raid in normal mode and every next week we are gonna launch one heroic wing. 2) The second option would be that we will release Icecrown Citadel normal wings week by week and heroic mode will be available at once after last of normal wings will be launched. As this decision is up to players, please vote in poll attached to this thread. Best regards, Sunwell Team
  2. Sunwell Team

    Mythic+ Project

    Hello all, Thank you all for kind words and presented feedback so far. we will try to answer for some questions. @Empathy We didn't consider class-related loot yet. Including the fact that loottables will be really huge it makes sense to verify player classes somehow to avoid situation where melee party will receive only caster gear due rng. I can't promise we will manage to create such system but we will speak about it for sure. We're familiar with mechanic that you have to beat specific % of trash mobs in order to face last boss - maybe it's possible to reach similar effect here. I say maybe because I'm pretty sure we can do it but adding a lot of new mechanics may delay M+ again. I don't want to speak for developers. If we won't make it on launch, we should make it for next season. @Funkytree We won't add Val'anyr fragments to loot for sure. Mythic+ are supposed to be optional challenge for players. Otherwise, we would force guilds to run M+ because of Val'anyr fragments. @Domino @Reyla The problem is we cannot create our own items, achievements or titles. If we would, you will be obligated to download and install our World of Warcraft modified client but we won't go that way. Maybe we can use some unobtainable achievements/titles like Hand of A'dal or Champion of the Naaru as rewards for completing highest Mythic level but we have to discuss it anyway. @ganggang420 We're creating ladder with Mythic seasons, there will be cyclical rewards. @Senat Totally agree with your opinion. Better Ulduar items should drop only on highest M+ levels with extra low chance. We think Flare or Comet are way to good items to add them into Mythic loot. @Dreadnought101 Increasing health or damage will happen every new Mythic level is reached. Affixes are new mechanics that will be added additionaly. Don't worry, we know the difference @Flarexd @FlyingDutch @Cheerz and all in general. Yes, loot and loottables in general are sensitive topics. We know we have to tempt people to run Mythic+ and epic gear dropping may bring this result. On the other hand, Mythic+ shouldn't be a substitute for older content. Raids such as Naxxramas or Ulduar cannot suffer because of ease access to gear in other place. That's why those loottables will be very limited in really good items (e.g trinkets). Naxxramas, EoE, OS and even Ulduar have plenty of epic items in total. Even if we add some Ulduar 25 items to this loottables, it will be extremely rare to loot it from this pool- so probably doing Ulduar 25 will be faster to obtain specific items than farming M+ and praying for your needs. Considering loot we wanted to focus on other loot than epic gear - this should be just addition for people who are actually gearing and maybe they can loot something. Some of you actually proposed some nice suggestions regarding loot: a) Ashbringer/Frostmourne and maybe some other prestige legenedary transmogs may be possible to obtain just like Val'anyr is. You will have to farm Ashbringer Fragments on mythic dungeons in order to craft your legendary item. b) There may be new companion created, that will be under your control in entire game. Companion will have its own abilites and you have to level-up him doing Mythics to gain more abilities/perks. On higher levels, he can gets really nice bonuses for player that were not available yet, like: - Portable Bank - Portable Guild Bank - Portable Action House - Additional Hearthstone - Mass Ressurection? (not working on actual content map - too OP) - Mythic Power vendor - Class Trainer And probably many, many others... of course you have to level-up him to get better perks. Quite similar mechanic to Guild Perks in later expansions, but here it can be done by additional private companion. What do you think about it? We are really happy that you are supporting us in this project, it's glad to see enthusiasm in this topic! 🔥 Best regards, Sunwell Team
  3. Sunwell Team

    Mythic+ Project

    Dear players, First of all, we hope you are staying healthy, wish you all the best during this rough time. Long awaited moment just arrived! We would like to share information regarding Mythic+ project with you, and start the discussion about your expectations. "The Mythic+ Dungeon system is a known mode of content that offers players an endlessly scaling challenge in 5-player dungeons. The system allows players to compete against a timer, similar to Challenge Modes, but has much more lenient times so that the emphasis is on solid execution rather than pure speed." ~ www.wowhead.com General information Mythic+ was implemented in Legion as an alternative system of completing dungeons in harder form, mainly for people who hadn't time for playing raids and players who wanted to compete in something new - scaling challanging mode. It is obviously the case that Wrath of the Lich King expansion doesn't have such system, so our development had to find the workaround in order to create comparable gameplay. Inspired and based on retail, the following is a basic, step-by-step described mythic+ dungeon we can provide you. Firstly, we wanted to release this project during Ulduar content. There were three reasons why we decided to delay it: 1. Not gonna lie - there was simply more work to do than we expected; 2. We probably could make it but we didn't want to rush and provide you unfinished and fully tested product; 3. Trial of the Crusader content is known as the most boring because of its shortness - raids are way to easy and less complex compared to other contents. It was another reason to delay this launch and start this fun when people will start getting bored; Overview 1. Completing a Mythic+ dungeon will reward mainly Mythic Power and epic gear, more info in Loot & Times section; 2. Mythic+ dungeons have levels: a level 3 dungeon will be more difficult than a level 2, but easier than a level 5. There is cap of available Mythic+ dungeon levels set to 10/15. However, the highest level will be an outstanding piece of difficulty where mechanics will change everyday. In addition, Mythic level cap is still being discussed by our team. 3. Enemies in the dungeons will deal more damage and will have higher health pools with each level your party conquers; 4. A higher-level Mythic+ dungeon rewards better loot, more info in Loot & Times section. Mythic Level & Mythic Keystones 1. Mythic Level is the individual currency or item bound to each player that defines Mythic Keystone power for that player. Keystone is single item that will always look the same. If player has Mythic Level set to 5 then Keystone will activate Mythic +5 dungeon, if player has Mythic Level 3, the same Keystone will activate Mythic +3 dungeon version; 2. Only party leader will be able to start Mythic+ version. Appropriate gameobject will be present on the entrance of dungeon in order to start Mythic+ with difficulty level related to leader's Mythic Keystone. Leader needs to put Keystone into game object to begin the show; 3. In order to obtain Keystone player needs to complete one simple quest (like win rbg/rdf) or you can get it from Sunwell store; 4. If party finish Mythic+ dungeon in Gold time (more info in Loot & Times section), players will receive new Keystones in chest at the end of dungeons so they don't have to complete quest (point 3.) once again; 5. If party won't finish dungeon in Gold time (more info in Loot & Times section), player needs to repeat quest in order to obtain new Mythic Keystone; 6. Repeatable quest will change after some period of time - completing shall be easy e.g do some rdfs or win random battleground; 7. In order to start Mythic instance, you will have to talk to Mythic NPC and convert your group to Mythic one (this will also set Mythic Level that you will be playing against). Npc will also allow you to teleport yourself to instance location. Upon entering the instance, creatures won't be attackable until group activates Mythic obelisk which requires an Keystone you can obtain via a battleground win, dungeon repeatable quest completion or the store. Mechanics 1. Every instance will start at one affix and every few levels will gain additional capping at 4/5 affixes in total. A few affixes will look very similar to what currently Blizzard has, such as, Bolstering, Sanguine, Quaking. There is also a bunch of affixxes that we came up with and they are quite unique; 2. Some of the enemies (both boss and non-boss creatures) will receive additional spells with higher Mythic+ dungeon levels; 3. At the beginning of the Mythic season, we will roll a set of affixes which will be known from the start and they will be changing either weekly or daily. Mythic+ Seasons 1. Mythic Keystones won't disappear and your mythic level won't decrease with ID reset on Wednesday. We want to make our mythics more like in league seasons that will last for around month where groups with the fastest Mythic Level dungeons completion will be additionaly rewarded; 2. First season will start during Trial of the Crusader content, next season shall start right after the previous one; Loot & Times 1. Trash loot will be similar to the trash loot in raids, but without epic items dropping; 2. Once group starts a mythic instance via obelisk, a timer will start to run till you finish the instance. Your objective is to beat the timer, and if you do you will be awarded appropriately; 3. Lets say total time to finish the dungeon is set to 30 minutes. Example of timers divison looks like this: a) Gold Time is achieved by party when dungeon is finished in first 10 minutes; b) Silver Time is achieved by party when dungeon is finished in first 20 minutes; c) Bronze Time is achieved by party when dungeon is finished in total instance timer (30 minutes); d) If 30 minutes passed, party can still complete the dungeon but loot won't be such abundant compared to better timers; 4. On higher Mythic+ levels we may add feature that timer decreases by some actions (30 seconds) for example everytime when player dies; 5. Bosses won't drop any loot. Instead, whenever you finish a mythic dungeon you will be awarded with loot at the end of the instance; 6. Chest will contain different loot depending on timer dungeon was completed within (Gold, Silver, Bronze, time passed). Below we present initial design (Mythic Power values may change) of loot that will drop on Mythic dungeons: a) Timer passed: Emblems of Conquest, 5-20 Mythic Power, Epic Items; b) Bronze Time: Emblems of Conquest, 10-30 Mythic Power, Epic Items (more than if time has passed); c) Silver Time: Legendary/T3 single use transmog items, Conquest, 15-35 Mythic Power, Epic Items (more than in Bronze Time); d) Gold Time: Mythic Keystones, Legendary/T3 transmog items, Emblems of Triumph, 20-50 Mythic Power, Epic Items (more than in Silver Time); 7. Epic Items: on retail there are plenty of systems to generate additional (ranked) gear on mythic dungeons. Since we don't have such system on WotLK we propose to add epic loot from previous content. Mythic dungeons will drop better loot (Ulduar, Naxxramas, EoE, OS, VoA) with higher mythic level. For example Mythic +3 will drop some gear from Naxxramas 10/25, EoE 10/25 and OS 10/25 whilst Mythic +6 will start to drop gear from Ulduar 10 etc, maybe we can even add Ulduar 25 loot (w/o Fragments) to highest reachable Mythic+ levels. What are you thinking about this solution?; 8. Mythic Power: Mythic Power is new emblem-like currency that will always drop from any Mythic+ dungeon version. You will be able to exchange Mythic Power in vendor for plenty of items: a) consumables like flasks, potions, flame caps, gems etc; b) honor packs; c) store items like mounts, custom mounts, bags, tabards, companions, transmog items, heirloms and many others - we didn't want to force loot from store to specific bosses so we decided to add new currency so you can exchange it however you like; Season Rewards 1. There will be new ranking on Sunwell main page with fastest mythic level parties, we predict in-kind prizes for the best times (probably Amazon vouchers); 2. We want to provide rewards every season; 3. Probably only Gold Timers will be put into rankings; Second thoughts - we would like to know your opinion We would like to keep the Mythic+ system with no lockouts, meaning the same Mythic+ dungeon can be completed as much as desired, as long as at least one player (party leader) has a Mythic Key. However, we are aware this may bring unwanted/unexpected behaviors like kicking players right after entering the Mythic Key to object. What's your opinion here? Maybe we should disable kicking players on M+ versions? Furthermore, let us know what you think about our idea of Mythic+ experience we proposed and share your own ideas with us. Mythic API will be shared, so you can create your own addons for our Mythic+ project. We will also provide one addon for you in the future. ! ATTENTION ! This is the alpha version of mythic feature and its implementation. Final version might differ by a lot, we're open to your feedback and ideas which we're very open to. We want to create a good experience for everyone. 👉 FEEDBACK 👉 THOUGHTS 👉 IDEAS Give us more ideas so we can make it better for you. Best regards, Sunwell Team
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