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  1. amed80


    EDIT: i tried the password recovery and it only send the new password without the username which is weird because i can't even login in the site with the email . i think they need to update something here ...
  2. the staff cannot interfere with the loot distribution when it was left on group loot. next time make sure it's on Master Loot so you don't face with the same "problem" again. PS: btw why are you using your email as nickname ... 😅
  3. amed80

    120. Berkecan

    looking at the other topics that was left without answer , i just hope this get treated before ICC release so it should get the proper punishment as Highest raid tier. after confirmed ninjaloot on 25-Man version of the highest raid tier, the player will be added to ninjalooter detection system: https://bit.ly/2KEqxmK, receives 7 days of ban and the stolen item will be removed.
  4. amed80

    [Ninjalooting] Teeks, Science

    Needing an item on 5-Man dungeons is not considered ninjalooting, thus it won't result in expending the ninja list.
  5. amed80

    Arena Season 7: PvP Information

    @Ofelia make sure to do some research and follow discord for more information #frosthold [Frosthold] Icecrown Citadel and Wrathful Gladiator Season - patch 3.3.0 info Sunwell Discord
  6. amed80

    Transfer from Angrathar

    the moment they enable transfer from Angrather to Frosthold , it's the moment to say Frosthold is really "dead" , getting a character from server that was already in endgame state for a long time to "fresh" server it's not ideal ...
  7. amed80

    [Report-Ninjalooting] Player OBA SPONX

    WHAT ? As long the looting rules didn't change in that raid , that item is for Melee DPS so if the warrior won the roll it's his item ... if you want to join a raid with specific priority you should have asked the Raid Leader before starting the raid. Administration doesn’t interfere with the priority of loot rolls. The concerned player should ask raid leader about that. The decision about the priority lies within the raid leader’s concern.
  8. amed80

    [Report- Ninjalooting] Hdwao

    @Mograk i want to clarify that I AM NOT GM OR ADMIN ... i was just pointing out some questions that may help your topic get treated and may help to answer the questions that GM may have when he's treating this topic so he would have faster decision . for that i was asking if there's any more from you or the others have anymore screenshot because that would be more helpful like someone is been kicked or a screenshot of him announcing the loot change in Anub . i m not saying it's needed for him to be punished because with just the Trophy is enough proof to get him ninjalisted but screenshot of the kicking or announcement may help to remove the Reign if it was giving unfairly. i just hope that this topic get treated and not to be forgotten like other topics because the RL still think he did nothing wrong without even proof that he was innocent which make me think he would do it again ... PS: you can check the Staff list from here so you wouldn't get confused in the future and always they have Name color changed and Tags under their Photos
  9. amed80

    [Report- Ninjalooting] Hdwao

    @lotho Please use English in this forum so we can understand you ... using google translation i see that you are saying that "you didn't steal anything" , but ninjalooting it's not about stealing item it's about loot distribution and as you were the Raid Leader it's YOUR responsibility to distribution the loot correctly even if you didn't need anything in the raid. you gave away all trophies but for who ? did you follow the rolls ? did you gave away a loot to wrong person ? did you ask them to give it back ? all of this is RAID LEADER responsibility if you can't handle it don't RL again ... "Not the first time leading a raid" doesn't mean you didn't do something wrong ...
  10. amed80

    [Report- Ninjalooting] Hdwao

    @lotho let get this clear because you didn't answer any of the questions in this topic ... first of all as it shown in @Vada screenshot he rolled 92 and he was the 3rd(4th) in the rolls so he should have been awarded a trophy (as you said top 5) but he didn't receive it , so how did you distribute the Trophies ? Second , about the Reign it's not if you kept it or not , you kicked a lot of people before announcing the roll for that item that it self consider a ninjalooting even if you announce it later because you took the right of other players to roll for item they are eligible to roll for ... can you answer why did you kick them ? and follow what @Vada and @Mograk saying that you said that only +5k (6k) dps would be allowed to roll for the item , did you announce that rules before starting the raid ? FYI , you CANNOT specify new rules mid raid without the ENTIRE raid agreeing to it so if you don't have any screenshot that you changed the loot rules before starting the raid , you should be listed in ninjalist (+7 days ban) and even tho you didn't receive any item , all the items that were unfairly rolled should be deleted (idk if only the Trophy and Reign were unfairly rolled or there's more ...) The default loot rules are applied to every raid leader. If he wants to change the loot rules, he has to state the new loot rules and screenshot it. The screenshot is an evidence to be used against, if any, ninja-looting reports. after confirmed ninjaloot on 25-Man version of the highest raid tier, the player will be added to ninjalooter detection system: https://bit.ly/2KEqxmK, receives 7 days of ban and the stolen item will be removed. The player will be added to the ninjalooter list after the ban is lifted. for @Vada , @Mograk and @Buffylo do you have more screenshot about been kicked ? there's first screen which is clear for the rolls of the Trophies but all i see in the chat in those screenshots are "someone left" not "you have been kicked"
  11. amed80

    [NinjaLooting] Kapaj

    @LadyWobbaffett well i don't know why he rolled and the default loot rules is MS>OS>Dis and he's warrior , idk what spec would Death's Bite would be useful for him more than his weapons. PS: i remember at the time of this post made i could search for Kapaj in Armury and he was using the item but for some reason i can't now search his name ... i think you scared the guy for no reason that he maybe deleted his character ... https://sunwell.pl/armory/Frosthold/Kapaj
  12. amed80

    [Report- Ninjalooting] Donpotos

    @Sorandor following the Topic you posted it was BOTH item 245 so it still consider as upgrade but you can't rolled for lower ilevel item when you have better one (there's exception in some type of gear like trinkets) , as i said even if you won the roll don't expect to get the item when it's not in any kind upgrade for your MAIN SPEC . who told you to go and carry the low gs ? it was Ulduar ... And here's example of Admin refusing a Topic because the item was not "Upgrade" for the highest roller Ninjalooter Wartopomagac
  13. amed80

    [Report- Ninjalooting] Donpotos

    @Sorandor well i don't know about if it's clear or not , but as they said you already had 245 ilevel Shoulders , so can i ask you why did you roll for Token that give you 226 ilevel shoulders IF you were as you are saying rolling for MS ? if it's not upgrade , you can't just roll and expect them to give it to you ONLY exception if the Token wasn't upgrade for others DKs ,Rogues,Mages and Druids who were in that Raid ... and i checked Litre who got the token and he still has 226 shoulders which mean he used it and it was probably an upgrade as it didn't change for more than a week now ...
  14. amed80

    [NinjaLooting] Kapaj

    @LadyWobbaffett did you ask Fenestron about his point of view ? because i did quick check on Armury and Fenestron already have both 2-hands weapons equipped ilevel 245 (Dual-blade Butcher and Edge of Agony) so that Death's Bite is not an upgrade for him ...
  15. amed80

    Ninjalooting- Cacahi

    @Symbio can't you have any screenshot for looting ? at least the full screenshot for it "clear" what just happen there but GM still cannot accept report without the original screenshots ...
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