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    Disgusting. They both deserve bans
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    Trizzac chat banned by Keidis

    Character Name - Trizzac Punishment Reason - Toxic chat/ Grieving Date - 05/20/2020 Description : Hi, I was playing and suddenly I got a message in the middle of my screen that told me I couldn't talk in chat for 24 hours. I don't understand what happened and why I got banned, I just want to know if you have logs to give me so I can understand. Did I offense another player ? Did I say something bad in the /global chat ? I know it's only 24 hours, but I have raids to lead today and tomorrow. Also, since this happened, I get 2 big red messages in the middle of my screen, every second, that tell me 'You must wait 21 hours and 34 minutes and 5 seconds before speaking again...'. At that point I can barely play the game. Thanks in advance. Trizzac
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