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  1. @gret did some testing, so first i did ravage-shred untill 4-5CP then pop tigers+zerk and did a FB then shred spam untill 4-5 cp and FB again, i did that for 15sec(duration of zerk) , then i did the same but no FB just shred spam, and after that i did combined, just to note i didnt use faerie fire(5% armor reduction) or savage roar(33% increased physical dmg) when doing these tests i did use Idol of the Ravenous beast(+203 shred dmg)
  2. @gret As i said above, I personaly wouldnt skip it, it all depends on your playstyle(also on your job in raid, decurse,root,etc.), and as far as Shred vs FB spam in zerk it all depend on your gear and how much energy u have when u activate zerk(usualy timed with tiger's fury) if u got less then 50 i would skip FB completly, but if u activate tiger's fury u will ussualy be around 90-100 and u spam shred and when u reach 4-5 CP go for a FB and after that continue shred spam cuz u want to time zerk that u are over 60-70 energy so after zerk ends u dont stand there doing nothing w8ing for energy, if u know u have time untill the end u can go for more FB's since a crit on FB is ussualy around 2k more dmg then a crit on shred but if the FB dosnt crit it can do less then a shred expecialy if u had no bonus energy for extra dmg
  3. @Fionn This is what i use at this moment, but will probbably change later as the patches go, http://rpgworld.altervista.org/335/druid.php?0000000000000000000000000000503202132322012053120030310511205503012000000000000000000 me personaly i would never skip 5 points in Furor, and in the talent tree u gave its 10% healing not 20% its 10% per point are u are running it at 1/2 Improved mangle is a 'waste' of points since ur better off putting those points into something else, u will never spam mangle and if u cant keep track of mangle duration(60sec) dont even play feral mangle by far is the easiest ability to keep track off, u just need to start predicting it at 10s remaining but even if u refresh it at 20s remaining it isnt that big of a dps lose expecialy if it crits so u get 2 CP so its just acts like a less dmg shred in that situvation
  4. yeah tested it with item switching and asked a friend who also played since vanilla, in vanilla it was agi 1ap and str 2ap then that got changed in tbc, in vanilla u would go 60% str and the rest was 40% agi for the small ap bonus and crit, worked the same on nostalirus/elysium
  5. @Doublespoons i would like to correct myself agility gives 2AP not 1
  6. @Doublespoons u only gem/go Str when u are agi/crit capped and that dosnt happen with the current gear, yes the 2AP instead of 1 is nice and it gives more raw bleed dmg but in the long run agi/crit are the better option since agi gives AP/crit/armor/dodge and with each crit u gain 2 CP instead of 1 so u can do more finisher moves, rip benefits from crit since if u take Primal Gore(its a must) it gives rip and lacerate the ability to crit and rip is flat dmg that ignores armor on the target and when it has the ability to crit on that already big dmg its a leathal weapon against many classes in pvp or gives huge dmg boost in pve, rip is the 'artificial' armor penetration atm, since its very hard to get 40% ARP at this gear so we use our combo points on rip instead of FB. And i currently non raid buffed with only mark of the wild on me i have 44.55% crit chance and around 6300 AP without my trinket procs/use (Loatheb's Shadow/Mirror of Truth)
  7. @bongo_bg in this patch its also possible to get 40% but RLY hard, and the roar depends on how the fight is going so for example, u start with mangle-rake-shread- if ur unlucky and got 0 crits u will have 3 CP u can eather w8 for another shread and go for a rip then roar at 4-5, thats the slower opening but deals more dmg in the long run, or u can go for a mangle-rake-roar if u got 2 crits and u know u can stay on top of boss the whole time and then pop zerk+trinket and go for shreds or a rake if its about to run out, and if u know u can fit a FB in there go ahead, i ussualy have around 44.55% crit non raid buffed, if i know i can stay on top of boss the whole time i will go for a 4-5 CP roar and build up the rip later but its a boss that u need to move/kite etc. i will for for a 4-5 CP rip. And about the 1-3CP roar i only do that if i know the shaman is gonna pop lust and i dont have time to generate a full roar and waste dmg, zerk non glyphed last for 15 sec and a 1 CP roar last 14 so u can even do a 1CP roar in that situation of a lust, ferals dont have a rotation that is carved into stone, u adapt to the situation that is infront of u, and dont take guides to the word use them as a guideline,everyone has theyr own playstyle
  8. if u got more then 40% ARP then i deffinitly suggest FB+shred spam since its more dps then rip but if not, go for the ussual rotation with rip
  9. Played feral since vanilla all the way untill WoD, pretty experainced if i may say myself, ask me anything ill do my best to answer all questions
  10. Sankadudul


    Character Name: Sankica Punishment Reason: Ninjaloot Game Master: Shatter Summary: last appeal: this is update after reading rules for the correct server, i still traded the trinket few moments after i got it, in the picture used as 'proof' he didnt show his character pannel/inventory. Imagur he/she provided https://imgur.com/a/o8i4C
  11. Sankadudul


    [b]Character Name: Sankica[b] [b]Punishment Reason:ninjaloot[/b] [b]Game Master: Test Master Shatter[/b] [b]Summary: being a guild master on .listninja isnt the best, we where doing a 3-4 man premade a few weeks ago, there was a warlock shit talking so i ended up /ignoring him,the last boss in the dungeon dropped a caster trinket i accidentaly rolled need instead of greed and traded the trinket seconds after i still got on the .listninja even though it stated in the rules:[/b] Ninjalooting is taken into consideration only in the case of 25-Man raids of the highest content. Ninjalooting in 10-Man raids, Normal / Heroic dungeons and raids below level 80 is not punishable.
  12. my ingame name: Sankica player named Lyntixx and lyn#7184 on discord harrassed me in game, on my stream and in my private discord server, he deleted the mesages in less then 20 sec but i managed to catch a quick screenshot from one of the harrases in the sunwell discord, https://gyazo.com/014d8fcb01b6620df573a982af03c0a1(if u dont open gyzo,ill also include it in the files) all started when he posted this without our knowledge: https://gyazo.com/583cb73f9e9702708b4ded0d1b6df6b2 the druid was a dc-d healer and we where w8ing for him, then we kicked him after 5min and searched for another and i was the substitute healer untill we find one, then we found one and we proceeded to wipe 3-4 times on the first boss, after that i asked for a kick because it was already 30+min on less then 20mobs, he didnt want to do it and i just teleported out of dungeon after ress, and told them to kick me, and still nothing,he thretened with some screenshots and a GM banning me, to speed up the story the group disbanded after 10-15more min of trying and dying constantly, then he proceeded to harrase me on my stream+everything mentioned in the title/start of story, he also provided 2 screenshots in the #screenshots of your discord server, i am fine taking the punishment for not wanting to leave group in dungeon as long as he gets a punishment for his actions accordingly, sorry for wasteing your time with this petty kid problem but i dont want to be harrassed, the translation of the screenshot i provided means: 'u fucking idiot u will get burned (burning someone alive or a corpse dont know exactly which one he ment) i fuck your decomposed mother' he said 2 more sentances after taht but i didnt manage to screenshot them in time b4 he deleted them, i think he is serbian, and my country(croatia) dosnt have the best relationships with his country because of the thing that happened in the past, i also listed the screenshots he provided from discord
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