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  1. Wassupman

    Ninjalooting Imawizardxs

    Never mind, this was just addressed. TY ❤️
  2. Wassupman

    Ninjalooting Imawizardxs

    I am not sure why this post and ninja looter has not been dealt with in the past month, while other posts are being addressed. I initially reported this under ninja player reports section a month ago. You should adhere to your own sever rules. Thanks.
  3. Wassupman

    58. Imawizardxs

    It's been more than 2 weeks since this incident. Noticing that some ninja reports get responses but others don't. Is there no longer any accountability on this server for ninja looting?
  4. Wassupman

    58. Imawizardxs

    Is anything going to be done about this? Thanks in advance.
  5. Wassupman

    58. Imawizardxs

    An update, Imawizardxs (Jaysuz) relogged today 5-7-20. He initially stated that he would return items, but I would have to apologize first (I am not sure for what exactly, since I won roll on both items but he ended up ninjaing both). He proceeds to open trade and flaunts the items in my face (see below), and then cancels trade and logs off. Very illogical and sociopathic behavior on his part. Hoping appropriate measures are taken place by GMs. Thank you.
  6. Wassupman

    84. Imawizardxs

    Thanks for posting.. I made a post as well. It's crazy how these top end guilds (RE MOA) and people who try to garner support from the community for their stream (twitch.tv/exhalator) behave in such an unprofessional and classless manner. I am sure Imawizardxs will try to make a name change to get away but hope they take measures to ban his main accounts as well (and return the loot to me if that's even possible).
  7. Your name - WassupmanReported player's name - ImawizardxsDate - 5-6-2020Rule that was broken - Ninja lootingDescription - I won both rolls on The Turning Tide and Signet of Manifested Pain. Unfortunately, Imawizardxs held off on distributing The Turning Tide after I won it. Then started rolls for Signet, which I won the roll for as well. Then Imawizardxs ninja looted both items and logged off and subsequently all his guildmates. We were running with most people from RE MOA and his twitch handle is (twitch.tv/exhalator). Reason why I am pointing this out is that he's trying to be a model example for the streaming and Frosthold community and RE MOA guild is supposed to be a progressed and exemplary guild. It's just disappointing that they still continue to pull stunts like this, when I was finally looking forward to obtaining these loots fairly. Attached below are the screenshots for evidence. I would be happy to clarify further if needed. Evidence -
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