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  1. Nasuuna

    Faction imbalance

    Seal of blood to alliance is a no brainer then either nerfing horde racials or buffing alliance pve racials (not space goats obv)
  2. Nasuuna

    Releasing of PvE and PvP seasons

    horde outnumbers alliance :3 I think more alliance are just pvpers though.
  3. Nasuuna

    Remastered client

    a torrent will be coming soon* TM they said they would get one up after launch has settled down. as for the legion remaster itself, it is a little buggy still (not detrimental game killing bugs) so don't worry to much about not having it.
  4. Nasuuna

    Show off your UI!

    Nothing special really basic
  5. Nasuuna

    Sunwell: Angrathar - Information Update 4

    Gonna be a good time!
  6. Location, ISP, and connection speed would be good measures. I have gigabit fiber through *bleg* comcast I downloaded at about 2.5mbps so it didn't take me long, but that is low network utilization due to servers being in eastern Europe and me being in Denver
  7. Hop into our discord as well, we are memeing our way to launch
  8. Nasuuna

    Failed to open archive interface.MPQ.

    As a side note, not sure if it still happens though. If you open through the launcher it will attempt to patch up to retail.
  9. I am the /waggle Resto sham Nasuuna reporting in.
  10. Nasuuna

    Dumb question.

    probably russia A lot of western european countries will comply with CAD decrees, Usa will shut the server down in seconds.
  11. Nasuuna

    Twink 19

    Might do a priest
  12. Nasuuna

    Sunwell: Angrathar - Information Update 3

    Sweet, great to hear
  13. Nasuuna

    Sunwell: Angrathar - Information Update 3

    Looks great, can't wait! Is the Legion client going to have the updating animations as well by chance?
  14. Nasuuna

    [NA] [TSTTW] Three Sheets To The Wind is recruiting!

    I'd be interested in taking a look as I'd prefer NA times. Just a note though, 6pm Central discludes west coast and MT players that have jobs as its 4pm/5pm respectively for them. I myself don't get off until 5:30pm MT (6:30CT)
  15. Nasuuna

    Multi-boxing policy

    https://sunwell.pl/page/rules 16. Multiboxing is prohibited and the punishment is the same like in point 7 of the Terms of Use. 7. Bug using is strictly prohibited. The players should report bugs (through the BugTracker). The default punishment for bug-using (exploiting the bugs for own profit) is 30 days of account suspension, though it can be increased or decreased by the Game Master solving the case, taking into considerations things such as: intention of bug-using; the player’s history: his previous misdemeanors; harmfulness; profits of the bug-using.
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