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  1. morf

    Rogue useless?

    The problem is that you don't want to have a lot of melees in a lot of fights because ranged are just better. - Thaddius : you'll dps half the time from the front. - 4 horsemen : you can't really dps the one in the back and on the right cuz you don't want to link people on the lightning chain - Grobbulus : as melee you have to constantly switch on the blobs since they deal a fuckton to the raid but melees need more time to burst...sunders and combo points for instance - Heigan : most of the melees can die while you're moving the boss while the casters are safe 75% of the fight. - Sapphiron : You're going to have a lot of melees slacking under the blizzard since they can't spread as much as casters. - KT : Melees are a pain in the ass due to the ice tombs linking....so you rather have more casters able to spread. - Maly : You need mages or warlocks to either spam nova the sparks or bannish them. Basically a rogue doesn't bring any kind of buff to a raid they just bring some DPS while some caster classes bring a buff to the raid and some specific abilities needed on top of a higher dps than rogue for instance....So yeah, having too many melees in a raid suck while having too many casters isn't a problem, it's actually better. So yeah as a rogue it might be harder to find a guild.
  2. morf

    Arena Points

    Not to mention 50 points per day is worthless at the end of the month when you imagine you get like 1k points per week if you're highly rated. Retail's season was more than 6 months, here with ulduar coming in may/june, most of the people won't even have the time to be fully geared with current system. And to be honest pvp itemization should speed up because of 3.3.5 talents the current burst of DPS on healers is retarded af....more resi should help addressing this issue a bit.
  3. morf

    Adapting addons to Sunwell

    Btw, Grobbulus enrage timer seems to be 7mins while it's supposed to be 8mins according to :
  4. morf

    Adapting addons to Sunwell

    Bump....Yes? No?
  5. morf

    Adapting addons to Sunwell

    Obviously i wouldn't say no if an admin could just walk in with me for tests but this is hardly doable since i would probably need to modify multiple times the script to make it work properly, meaning i'd have to relaunch the game couple time because everytime i modify the LUA scripts i have to relaunch the game to apply the changes to the addon..
  6. morf

    Adapting addons to Sunwell

    Hello, I've recently started adapting Deadly Boss Mod to adapt the enrage timers, add the special spells casted by the different bosses to the Sunwell server. Testing is a bit tuff in live conditions since i have to bring healers and dps groups with me to either damage the boss to test some abilities or to keep me alive the time for the boss to trigger his ability so we can test if the code i adapted is working as intended. That leads me to the following question : Do you guys have kind of a PTR where i could run these tests without having to bother anyone?? Thanks a lot
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