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    Account hacked

    Today 3/9/2020 approximately at 11:30 my account was hacked i have never share my private details to anyone here in this server (pretty sure 100% that i never share it). I don't have friends here. I have logged to my account at 14:00ServerTime found my account near to mailbox i was like WT* i'm doing here... Tried to check gear and my bags there is no GOLD! I went to check guild vault he withdrew 2400 gold from the guild before (4 hours ago). I wish you guys would track to whom did mail, please i have worked hard to farm the golds. Also if is it possible to track last IP address logged to this account.
  2. Clawzilla


    laxooooorr come here to alliance (frosthold) im trying to get all GD players to join here in this server sunwell. Yes me and few friends back to play wotlk again have been like 1 or 2 months playing here
  3. Clawzilla


    ofc alex is here you guys always play in horde side
  4. Clawzilla


    You can check our website for more information or whisper officers ingame.
  5. Clawzilla


    < Foresight > is a dedicated guild from old Gamer district server that just moved to Frosthold. We are a guild formed by some members of the best guilds from our previous server and now we seek to achieve the same success here. We are looking for players that have full knowledge of their class and spec and that are capable to play it at the highest level. Right now we are looking for pretty much every role but mostly demo warlock, arc mage, skilled rogue and boomkin for our uld25 progression. We expect you to have at least 80% attendance to our raids if you're planning to play with us, otherwise this isn't the guild for you. Our raid days are Wednesdays, Thursdays & Sundays. Wed/Sun for 25-man content, and Thu for 10-man. Current progress: Ulduar 25: 12/14 Hardmodes: 0 for now Raid times are between 19:00 - 23:00 ST and a bio break around 21:30 ST for 5-10 min. We use discord when raiding and this is a must for everyone and we use egpg to distribute the loot. If you think you have what it takes to raid with us pm any officer online or pm me on discord for any doubt you might have. Here is our discord : https://discord.gg/kE9kB7G Officers: Clawzilla, Mellica , and Oka.
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