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  1. Please correct me if this is not the correct forum to post in. Through the course of the last many years, Wrath of the Lich King has maintained its position as the most popular rendition of World of Warcraft in the private server scene. We've seen - and played - on various new servers that continue to come up, and opted to stay true to the expansion pack that we adore the most. We've seen an increase in tendency, however, that the playerbase are less interested in servers that provide the community with a more authentic leveling experience by keeping a strict 1x rate system. As a result of that, private server hosts have chosen to provide the players with servers with increased leveling rates. Take yours, Sunwell, as an example. Frosthold has 3x rates by default, with the option to grant yourself an increase to 6x. After the launch of Frosthold, you drastically increased the experience gain on Angrathar. In many ways, these measures encourages a healthy server life and population. The players are more likely to make, and level, alternate characters, as the end-game is reachable in a quicker fashion on their main characters, thus allowing one to complete it quicker. While the increase in experience gain is a much welcomed change in the eyes of most of your players, it does, however, have several adverse effects, which, in particular, strike the PvP players and their scene. Simply put: The current 1x honor rates do not accommodate your current experience rates. Any player that has a minimum of four characters will never be able to maintain them with up-to-date gear during any given season except season 8. Players with less than four characters are struggling a lot already. Any player that wishes to level an additional character will likely spend around half of a given season's duration on getting semi-competitive gear. Any player that is uncapable of reaching high ratings on a new, level 80 character, likely being equipped with blue and green items, must first obtain the items of the season past, followed by the items of the current season, thus increasing the time needed to get full PvP gear dramatically. It was very surprising and unprecedented on Frosthold that a 2x honor rate was temporarily added a week ago. And one could certainly see the positive effects: People were participating in PvP events like never seen before on Frosthold. Wintergrasp was always full, regardless of time or date, and the same can be said about battlegrounds. In fact, there were always a large amount of battleground games occurring simultaneously. The PvP community was thriving for a few days. Undeniably. There is a vast difference in the time required when it comes to obtaining sufficient gear for PvP and PvE: With the current difficulty of the PvE content, it is not even a necessity to have amazing gear to succeed, and gear is extremely easy to come by, given the ridiculously low difficulty of Tier 7 and 8 content. It is possible to get extremely good items on a character that is less than a week old with very little effort. This does not apply to PvP currently. In Season 5, the easiest way of obtaining the Savage sets is even through PvE. That is quite the paradox. The PvP developers - as well as the current state of PvP - have received a lot of hatred from the community as of late. It is extremely apparent in every open forum pertaining to Sunwell. But what you implemented, even for a few days, an increased honor rate, was something that caused a massive, consensual applause from the PvP playerbase. Therefore, and in conclusion, I ask of you, on behalf of the PvP community: Please consider permanently increasing the rate at which players earn honor. It will do you absolutely no harm. All the best.
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