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  1. Caise

    Situation repeating itself

    Choosing one faction
  2. Caise

    Situation repeating itself

    ''People stop exp just to get honor for lvl80 PvP items'' - and then they step into 80's bracket and getting curious, crying why Alliance are So bad at bg's even that farmed honor doesnt help... Twinks are RIP on this server because twinks itself do it to themselves
  3. Caise

    Situation repeating itself

    Alliance are weak at 80 thats why they stop XP and farming green guys LUL.. Twinks is for n00bs and retards
  4. Yiy Just wait for transfer and go to Alliance lose even more, dont try to destroy our pvp experience because bg's here is rly rly fine no need to change anything and one more... Skill > gear son, if you think that when you Will get better gear makes you better in game? You wrong skill >> gear, you are Just bad and thats why you crying. Im playing premades and solo aswell, doesnt Matter still can win a lot playing solo
  5. True.. And crossfaction is bad bad bad idea and Way to be implemented that would be killed pvp faction battle.
  6. I hope devs wont listen to you guys and they wont change anything cause game and bg's are fine.. Any change can RIP pvp on this server. Angrathar doesnt had crossfaction and it was fine, Just dont put crossfaction on this server aswell, thanks. If you dont like to playing on horde side, wait for transfer and go to Alliance
  7. No horde wins lots of bg's.. I have myself played 277 overall and 187 wins. Sometimes ally wins a lot too but horde is fine in overall.. And I never saw once good game from your side man.. Thats why im saying maybe you are the problem of your bg's losing? And believe crossfaction is stupid as fck, no need to putting crossfaction bg when you dont have to wait more than ~8minutes for bg pop on horde side - crossfaction will fcked up bg's and many pvpers will stop playing it, believe me.
  8. But horde winning many many more bg's at 80 lvls.. Crossfaction is stupid and bad idea! I dont want to play under weak Alliance faction flag and I bet many ally Players dont want to play under horde faction flag. Maybe problem with bg's losing is you? One Player can bring huge impact to whole game. IMO bg's are fine and dont need to change anything, only thing to change is for twinks - let them play vs each other (ppl Who stopped XP getting different bg que than ones Who still leveling and getting XP)
  9. If you want to play pvp Just dont roll whorde faction they are pathetic bad in pvp - no one to play with and most ppl are Just retarded
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