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  1. Warioman

    Abuse of scripts/MPQ/Third Party Software

    Strongly disagree, keyboards have their software, so does AHK. It's third party software. Blizzard themselves are banning players from retail for this.
  2. Your name - Warioman Reported player's name - Johnnysins Date - 20.03.2020 Rule that was broken - Use of third party software named "AutoHotkey" Description - Using "AutoHotkey" makes you spam specific button you hold down. This software plays your character for you in an incredible speed. Using every global is near perfect and use of interrupts and swapping weapons (spell reflection) can be quicker than what ordinary players can react to. Evidence - As you can see, the interface shows clearly the buttons are pushed at a rapid rate.
  3. Hello, After reading the server's discord on the pvp section, I saw some specific things I would like to point out. This is a big issue, and from what I've read, been ongoing without interference. It all started with discussion regarding third party software that could manipulate your GCD, damage, range of melee abilities, and AHK or "AutoHotkey". AutoHotkey is known for being able to have your buttons pushed automatically in a very high speed, way above what players can do in longer periods of time. Apparently, players claim that all of this is currently being used on Sunwells Frosthold server, by many players. This user named "Vyserk" or more known in the server as "Beyondlimit" admitted openly that he's currently using this type of software. Let's assume that this software does not give any benefits, but only makes your life easier by instead of spamming your buttons, you hold them down and let the software push them for you. It still counts as usage of third party software rule that the game is not meant to be played as, and I'm pretty sure it's bannable in retail. Sad news is that this software does indeed give huge benefits. As you can see in this clip: https://www.twitch.tv/qwneer/clip/TangentialMushyArugulaDoritosChip?filter=clips&range=all&sort=time Now this is only by casting, imagine holding your abilities in and wait for the gcd to be ready for usage. You actually get the abilities off the moment gcd is ready again. The game is desgined in the way that if you are faster as a player mechanically, you are a better player by default, and this software basically plays the game for you. This player is playing the warrior class, and this type of software can perfectly rotate through every global cooldown, including weapon swaps, usage of pummel and reflects (which are off gcd, as you can expect what benefits that can bring when you use this). Here's an example of the twitch channel Syritz that plays a warrior and using this (Owned and streamed by Totsuka, aka Beyondlimit's paladin). https://clips.twitch.tv/BetterAgileWhalePeoplesChamp Now there's still other types of cheating ways, such as abuse of MPQ files etc that are being claimed that are used to cheat in ranked arena play, and all of these things are seriously worrying. Normal players are always in disadvantage versus these kind of players, and should be dealt with. Please feel free to explain other ways of cheats/hacks/scripts that are being used. I hope the Sunwell team does something about this, and punishes cheaters more severely than a simple 7 day ban. Thanks for reading.
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