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    Winning BGs As ALLY

    When I'm playing in the morning (EU times) I'm getting my 1st win rather easily (1-3 bgs). I'd advise you if you lose 3 in a row just take a break to skip the que and try with another set of people. I myself believe that crossfaction is a thing which should be implemented and people saying ''we dont want to play with low geared/brainless members of the oposite faction'' or they have a mentality like its not a game and they are an actual faction irl... Its kind of silly. It would give faster ques, more balance in win % and I see no valid argument against it when one faction displays its displeasure day after day. Playing to make one's life miserable wont benefit you in long term. In fact it will make the pvp scene even worse.
  2. Hunga45

    Fraction Change v2

    Strongly disagree that population is low. The best way to find raids is joining a guild. Pugs are unreliable (both in terms of time and efficency). Anyway, Horde is the bigger faction and the PvE scene is quite better than on the Alliance side.
  3. Hunga45

    DK Pipou, ninjalooting Essence of Gossamer

    Sadly, needing an item in a dungeon is not reportable. Same happended to me some time ago .
  4. All this wall of text for one word solution - crossfaction
  5. In my opinion 3s soloq and crossfaction battleground (80 lv) is a great way to start. Horde waits too long to join a bg ( when I que as ally its like 2 alliance vs 30 horde in que) , so crossfaction is great way to solve this. You can do it optional too if you want. After all Im all for taking a deeper look at the PvP side of things too.
  6. Hunga45

    Alliance Double skill ups?

    As far as I know the Alliance gets these perks (1 weapon+armor token at 80) + 50% chance on proffesions to grant an extra skill point, because theres big faction inbalance and most people play on the Horde side. Thats why.
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