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    Connection Issue From Iran

    WOW, This place feels like a graveyard... I think I got my answer.
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    Connection Issue From Iran

    Hi; I was thinking of joining this server, but I faced the problem that I face so often - due to the fact that I live in Iran - we're either blocked from the inside or from the outside. Not sure which one's the case now, I can't log into the server, and I get stuck on "Authenticating", and then BAM, "You have been disconnected from the server". So I did a search through the forum and I found This. As a matter of fact, I can log into the game perfectly fine using a VPN or MCI LTE, but I don't want to use a VPN when playing a game (I think we all know why), and I'm not using MCI as an ISP. So I just came here for a straight Yes or No answer; Is this problem going to be fixed? More precisely, do you care about Iranian players? Quoting the answer from the post I linked above, "We are working around the clock to solve this issue, hopefully it will be solved soon"; More than one month has passed and still the problem persists. Thanks.
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