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    My problem with the Admin Rules

    yikes, imagine hearing offensive things in an online multiplayer game, truly something unseen + the things you listed 1. insulting a gm 2. people cussing and arguing with each other, are two completely separate things and do not emphasize the point of the topic the slightest
  2. Lets get strait into it, you just dinged lvl 80 doing bgs, you did no quests, you have no gold, no gear since you bought gems for the honor so you can sell them and get gold to get your 4th respec this week, no professions, no friends to help you out? No problem! Just que the battlegrounds with your 13k hp and 1600 gearscore and you'll fit right in! There are at least 5 people just like you in that battleground and the only thing between you and some hardcore pvp action is the 2 minutes you have to endure before the bg starts! Alrighy, so lets go into the specifics: Eye of the Storm - This is a simple one, there are 4 bases, which dont concern you the slightest and the flag in the middle, now, what you wanna do is really, just follow the first guy that types "go flag" in the bg chat and just follow him to the middle while the other noobs cap those lousy bases lmao, when you eventually die because you got rekt by those stinky geared horde(how dare they), ress and pick the first fight you see on the road or somewhere wherever, just dont fight on bases because thats the spot for the horde, and we dont want to be EVER associated with the likes of them in ANY way possible. Bonus: chase off a 15k hp shaman with 3 other people so you at least get a hk. WSG - Oh boy, here we go, the MEAT GrInDeR!!1!1 Basically - RUN MID AND SMASH SMASH SMASH SMASH! Not working? SMASH SMASH SOME FUCKING MORE!! Fight on the front line with other warriors of your faction, side by side, back to back, hit that deathknight so hard he forgets to use his ams and ibf at the same time! Wait, what was that? Did somebody just grip your healer, started training him and got him down so they pushed you back now that you lack healing? Never mind, dont try to focus a healer yourself EVER because thats the thing that those stinky horides do, and we dont want any of that here, here, we make it civil, we discuss our mistakes, we discuss our battleplans, we call each other noobs and continue to spiral till eventually everybody has their moral down low and nobody has the will to fight, while some people leave as the bg progresses. Proceed to get farmed on the gy while they cap the flag 3 times and its over, phew! Arathi Basin - Cap the bases, or dont, nobody gives a damn, you are here to FUCK SHIT UP anyway! Fight E V E R Y W H E R E, look how peaceful and lovely the nature looks, it would be better if horde blood was spilled on it. What was that sound? Your team just caped a base? NOT YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM! Just rush straight into the first fight you see - you win the fight, rush to the next, you lose the fight? WELP, time for the first "noobs" of the bg, this is where it all comes down. From here on proceed to flame with your buddies and fight on stables till eventually you get pushed out of it too and lose, doesnt matter, you still got your honor, just 35 more losses and your pvp set is complete! Strand of the Ancients - Who knows wtf did they mean with this one lmao. Gates? Tanks? Cannons? YIKES, i didnt que here to PVE, i came here to PV FUCKING P, and that means i will fight on the beach till i see the horde no more, 10 minutes of slaughtering horde on the beach while the salty sea water washes the blood of my enemies, mmm, i just got an erection. The second round is the round in which you are defending(defending what? lmao) - just kill people, let the tank driving PUSSIES drive their ugly cans trough the gates, since they like PVE so much, just let em have it. AV - EVERYBDOY KNOWS WHAT TO DO IN THIS ONE - KILL 600 HORDE PLAYERS \o/ IOC - Since alliance has an advantage on the Docks side, we will go to the middle since we are NO FUCKING PUSSIES. Till then proceed to exterminate the horde till eventually they kill your boss since they are PVE pussies and you win the story of the fight, which is all that matters honestly. That would be it, if you got any suggestions that i could add up to my guide, feel free to comment, i'll gladly update the post as we develop new strats and tactics, cya in battlegrounds!
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