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  1. Rapture

    120. Berkecan

    welcome to ''middle earth''. they are famous for doin ninjathings. a thing like this happened me too few weeks ago while raiding with shit earth.
  2. Rapture

    [Report] Turkkiller

    Your name - NorttReported player's name - TurkkillerDate - 23.04.2020 Rule that was broken - racist character name, racism..Description - just saw that character and its name on global chat. and nearl all Turkish players know it. treats Turkish players aggressively. a report about this player has been made before. here is link. Evidence - https://ibb.co/fpK6pcd
  3. Your name - WittReported player's name - Turkkiller / KorewanandaDate - 12.03.2020 - 18:26Rule that was broken - Racism, death threat for me and my familyDescription - i saw first player named as turkkiller, after that whispered him/her. after that player named as korewananda whispered me. they did racism and threatened death.Evidence - pic.1: https://ibb.co/QbSCkgF pic.2: https://ibb.co/5Gvs8bW
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