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  1. Your name - ffsitsfaz Reported player's name - Cutiesmiles + Codenusher Date - 19/03/20 Rule that was broken - 22. Ninjalooting is forbidden on Sunwell. After having enough proof of the misdemeanor, the ninjalooter that stole an item will face two possible forms of punishment. Description - Booting me from raid when Kel'Tuzad was at 20%. Effectively denying me the opportunity to roll or even see loot. I was involved in the raid right from the start, I failed no mechanics on that fight and no warnings were given to me prior to being booted. I can only assume the RL took issue with me rolling on loot his friends wanted, and decided he would remove the possibility of me rolling on items completely by removing me. The reason I say this is he had also previously failed to give me gloves which I won, and assigned them to his friend when I won the roll. This however was rectified but only after I threatened to report his ninjalooting behaviour on the forums. However he then followed that on Kel'Thuzad by completely removing any possibility of me rolling on items by removing me from the raid. As you can see from the damage meters I was doing quite well, and contributing to the kill and was removed with no warning and no reason given. Rendering me helpless when it came to loot. Evidence for the kick at KT Evidence for the intial ninjaloot
  2. Fazman

    Auction Undercutting

    I think in a sense, I've gotten my answer just from the inability to understand the point of this thread...
  3. Fazman

    Auction Undercutting

    Again, people aren't understanding this from a sellers perspective. So i'm going to simplify: My question is why would a seller place such a low premium on what they are selling. If the market price is 30g for example, why would a seller place the next available auction at 1g.
  4. Fazman

    Auction Undercutting

    Haha, indeed!
  5. Fazman

    Auction Undercutting

    I think just re-read what I've said mate. You have not understood the point here.
  6. Fazman

    Auction Undercutting

    I'm struggling to understand the logic of some peoples auctions on the AH. There are consistently massive undercuts, I can appreciate undercutting by a silver, perhaps even a gold but look at the following examples. We have consistent undercuts from 15g to 90s or 30g to 1g. What is the logic here? After a few of these same people undercutting each other it's costing them more to create the product and the auction then it is to lower the price so much for a sale. From a buyers perspective I can understand you might not have much sympathy, but from a sellers perspective I can't understand why upon seeing an auction listed for 30g someone would then list theirs for 90s?
  7. In Live back in the day I specifically remember there was a patch around mid-Ulduar where Destruction became an absolute monster. Overnight I went from 3rd or 4th in my raid to a clear 1st and continued to dominate through Ulduar. We weren't a bad guild either, we were right up there with everyone else and it was a competitive realm. Was not only the top Lock spec but was leading the entire dps charts. It was so strong I remember it was almost better to ST than to AoE some packs. There was enough variety in the fights for a well constructed raid to put a very good Dest Lock on ST duty almost exclusively. It was a glorious time.
  8. Your name - ffsitsfazReported player's name - Dodisor, Hasslehoof + one more tree druid of whom I cannot recall the name right now, but the IP address will no doubt be linkedDate - 23/02/2020Rule that was broken - Rule 16 - Running multiple (3) accounts in a dungeon finder 5manDescription - I would like to report violation of rule 16, specifically: 16. ...You can be online on ONLY two accounts simultaneously, however joining a Battleground or a Dungeon through Dungeon Finder using more than one account is forbidden. You can boost your alt in dungeons, help with quests and so on, but disturbing other players is something we'd rather want to avoid. The player in question admitted in whispers he was on all three characters/accounts within the same instance, the Tank, the Healer and one DPS. My objection was that he wasn't actually playing them at all, the Tank was the main character who seemed to be active, the dps was simply on follow to either myself or the other dps and the healer was pretty much afk. Hence my getting these screenshots at the graveyard. I would not have objected had this been a smooth run, we struggled within the first corridor and it was just painful. His attitude afterwards, contacting me after I left in an attempt to say it was a boost, was just delusional and his wording was rude. Had he been more kind towards what I was saying, I may have been more understanding. Evidence -
  9. Fazman

    Ban: ffsitsfaz by Crafty

    Your name - ffsitsfazPunishment Reason - bottingDate - 20/02/2020Description - bottingEvidence - There really is no evidence in the sense that i'm not denying I did it. I did it, I am sorry I did it, it was wrong and i'm right to be punished for it. I want to explain my reasons for doing so: My guildmates and I have known each other in-game since Vanilla, we played all of the expansions together right through Warlords. We did original BC, original Wrath, original Cata and in Mists we broke up a little (no-one really enjoyed it that much except Siege). Wrath was probably my personal favourite and we still have our own in-jokes about some of the raiding we did back then. We haven't raided together since Warlords and I've just sort of meandered on Live on my own and we've sort of kept in touch via Facebook. It's been nice seeing everyone grow up, have kids, get jobs and get on with their lives. So when it was suggested we join up and raid Wrath again I jumped at the chance. However due to work and a side business I wasn't able to devote as much time to it as I wanted to. So my character lagged behind while my friends shot to 80. I botted because I wanted to catch up with everyone else, just because I wanted to raid with everyone at 80. That was some of the most fun times I ever had in WoW. Yes, It was wrong, but those are my reasons. However I spent some time this morning going through some of the ban appeals, and I think in this case I can't be mad at the way you handle the realm. It's fair. None of this is me trying to excuse my behaviour, and once again I am sorry for doing so. This is my first infraction, and if I were reinstated I wouldn't bot again. If I ever did, perma ban me because it's not worth not being able to play with my old friends again.
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