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    GON GIV IT TO YA - 25man Raid Guild

    Updated OP. We have a full 25man roster and a thriving guild community founded on friendship, respect and a mutual love of the game. We are currently only recruiting exceptional players who are decently geared or socials.
  2. Sounds like you would be a great fit: I'll try to get in touch in-game, there are names of some officers who you can chat with in the meantime. Take care.
  3. Fazman

    GON GIV IT TO YA - 25man Raid Guild

    Updated OP We are now consistently raiding 25man and progressing through Ulduar, we require more numbers to provide more depth to our ranks. Looking for all players of exceptional quality.
  4. Fazman

    GON GIV IT TO YA - 25man Raid Guild

    Yes pal, get in touch as per instructions in OP
  5. Fazman

    GON GIV IT TO YA - 25man Raid Guild

    Bump. Still on the lookout for members to possibly move into 25man raiding.
  6. Fazman

    LF saturday raiding guild

    Come talk to us, we'll catch you ingame
  7. Fazman

    4k GS ret pally lf guild

    Currently only Thursday but we will begin on Sunday as numbers allow
  8. Talk to us guys, we'll try to catch you in-game.
  9. Fazman

    [H] LF Guild or Willing to Start One

    You might be a good fit:
  10. Fazman

    LFG - Looking for Guild

  11. Hello, English speaking, and all Nationality welcoming guild 'Gon Give It To Ya' recruiting to bolster our raid roster for 25man raiding. We are now raiding 25man content and offer a consistent, well executed but minimally time intensive weekly raid schedule. We believe there are many people out there like us who live busy lives but also know how to play, and want the regularity of a consistent raid schedule. --- Why would you join us? We offer consistent raids on a minimally intensive raid schedule and are currently progressing through Ulduar 10 and 25man. Loot System? Loot list with no favouritism to rank or experience. Raid times: 20:30 – 01:00 Realm Time. Thursday and/or Sunday Evening, with the occasional Monday. Recruiting: Exceptional players with good gear for ToC What do we expect from you? You need discord access and be willing to talk, at the minimum listen You are willing to take some direction if needed You are a team player Let us know in advance if you cannot make the main raid day Our guild motto 'don't be a cunt', which applies only in-guild If you have interest to join us, pm either of the following: Ffsitsfaz Vulga Moolester Clemo Raghar Duros Heyyoitsfaz Our background: We are a small group of close friends, most of whom have played since Vanilla. We are all grown up now, with responsibilities and lives to live, so playing WoW once a week at a minimum with good friends we know can play is a treat, and we view it as such. We have fun but at the same time we all have the intention of downing bosses. We have all played with realm first guilds, equally we have all played during sparse times when we didn't raid. So the fun/progress balance is important to us and we feel we do a good job at that. That means bosses WILL be killed, progress WILL be made. But we'll also enjoy a joke during the evening. We have settled here on Frosthold and have established a consistent raid time which suits everyone. We are looking to recruit members for a consistent roster. Be consistent, show loyalty and you will be accepted as one of our own and be treated as part of the team. All the best,
  12. Your name - ffsitsfaz Reported player's name - Cutiesmiles + Codenusher Date - 19/03/20 Rule that was broken - 22. Ninjalooting is forbidden on Sunwell. After having enough proof of the misdemeanor, the ninjalooter that stole an item will face two possible forms of punishment. Description - Booting me from raid when Kel'Tuzad was at 20%. Effectively denying me the opportunity to roll or even see loot. I was involved in the raid right from the start, I failed no mechanics on that fight and no warnings were given to me prior to being booted. I can only assume the RL took issue with me rolling on loot his friends wanted, and decided he would remove the possibility of me rolling on items completely by removing me. The reason I say this is he had also previously failed to give me gloves which I won, and assigned them to his friend when I won the roll. This however was rectified but only after I threatened to report his ninjalooting behaviour on the forums. However he then followed that on Kel'Thuzad by completely removing any possibility of me rolling on items by removing me from the raid. As you can see from the damage meters I was doing quite well, and contributing to the kill and was removed with no warning and no reason given. Rendering me helpless when it came to loot. Evidence for the kick at KT Evidence for the intial ninjaloot
  13. Fazman

    Auction Undercutting

    I think in a sense, I've gotten my answer just from the inability to understand the point of this thread...
  14. Fazman

    Auction Undercutting

    Again, people aren't understanding this from a sellers perspective. So i'm going to simplify: My question is why would a seller place such a low premium on what they are selling. If the market price is 30g for example, why would a seller place the next available auction at 1g.
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