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    Ninja loot topic

    its not bad for him. agi lether cant be warrior MS gear and we have MS>OS roll rule/ IMHO war can loot that if : 1) RL say before pull that war can roll leather. 2) RL reserved this item for him 3) no one need this chest. In all others situations we have MAIN RULE (2nd screen).
  2. RedRash

    Ninja loot topic

    Hello, 9.02.2020 raid on EoE have a 226 leather agi chest in loot. one of the warrior roll for it, but its not MS for him. RL say that he need it. i don't care what he needs we have rules for roll in raids. only 3 players roll for it warrior, feral(me) , rogue. and its only me and rogue MS.
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