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  1. Good buffs, but in my opinion Vezzax should either have boosted hp like on angra or the faster tickrate of animus aura with heal. Right now its gonna be easiest hardmode. But thats just my opinion
  2. tyrrax

    Don't release Ulduar yet

    Server is bleeding players that played on famous german server ( wotlk server share one playerbase ) because they arent really intrested in playing easiest content for another months. Besides, if guild couldnt clear naxx up till now, ulduar release shouldnt really concern them except for flame leviathan loot.
  3. I sincerly hope that Ulduar buffs will be as close to angrathar ones as possible. They were universally praised among hardcore community, although i can see that more casual guilds would struggle with them a lot, especially with Freya ( Too much physical damage on tremor) and Vezzax ( Couldnt really afford bringing more than 3 melees on the fight during progression)., so those 2 fights in my opinion shouldnt be as hard as they were on angra. In my opinion, as hardcore player, its really vital to the server health that Ulduar is not cleared in first or even second ID, especially since now there are different servers for hardcore players to play and people are already only raidlogging- underbuffing the raid might result in not even bothering to do it in first place. However, what i would also like to see is faster nerfs of potentially buffed bosses, so casual or semi casual guilds actually have something to progress on. I personally think that angrathar nerfs were too slow, resulting in some guilds disbanding because beeing on stage of "we cleared easy hms, now we have to do hodir/freya/mimiron/vezzax but all are unreachable for us". Maybe make a pre plan schedule for nerfs so people now how to plan their progression? It also has to be said that prenerf alone is enough in some bosses ( eg. hodir, FL), but in some cases, like algalon or XT, the buffs were really necessary so the bosses arent a pushover. I had a lot of fun in ulduar on angrathar, scripting quality was good and difficulity was super good, so i hope for similar experience in frosthold :)
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