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  2. Hello everyone, I've been playing WotLK for quite some time now. It is by far one of the most enjoyable expansions in WoW (if not the best) so I'm quite happy I found this server that has so much potential. I've played on many other servers before and all of them have one thing in common which completely ruins the gaming experience imo: Pay to win mechanics. WoW is mostly a grinding game (it is what it is), so being able to feel rewarded after putting so much time and effort into something is a huge part of the game. You want something? Then work for it. When I was on any of those previous servers what I found was that even tho I was progressing, getting my gear and so on, people were basically insta leveling 80, getting shadowmourne with green gear (?) or getting the best PVP gear without playing any arena game whatsoever. I found this incredibly sad and eventually quit (it was also not fun trying to rank up in arena when everyone has literally everything, but they still win even if they're clickers...) Now, I understand that every server needs to be sustained in some form, but there are better ways to do it than just putting things like 2200+ 3v3 arena items or shadowmourne in the shop which completely kills the soul of the game. Instead, shop should offer name changes, faction changes, maybe some unique transmogs, maybe some unique toys... whatever that can be (I'm thinking cosmetics only), but NOT gear that players are supposed to work for! Joined the server 3 days ago and I'm really enjoying it. No lag, very good uptime, big playerbase, almost no bugs and a very cool community. Please devs, don't become greedy and ruin this incredible gaming experience. Have fun folks! - Atenas.
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