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    Things to do while leveling?

    Sorry for the late reply , and thanks everyone for advices . I didnt really enjoy mage so just rerolled to rogue, still low level but enjoying it much more than mage . Leveling professions , a dungeon now and then . Not gonna rush to 80 . Thanks everyone !
  2. Hello! Got a little question for you guys. So .. at the moment I'm playing my mage who is lv 74 . I find it pretty boring to level and I was wondering if there is anything that I can do aside leveling ? I will get to 80 eventually , its just that to grind quests and dungeons over and over again sucks the life out of me . I want to mention that I'm kinda new to the game , beside quests , professions and instances i dont really know much about the game . I'm trying to find out if there is any interesting or time worth farm , mounts farm , etc . Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you !
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