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  1. Grant Mitchell

    Twinking 79

    I mean does it really matter if their twinks aren't that great? If they have multiple twinks in every battleground and horde are always levellers, they don't actually need to be good. The bracket remains a leveller farm and nothing else. It's been that way since day one. And a month later it's got even worse. More and more people rolling alliance twinks to join in the leveller farm. You guys confirm all the worst stereotypes about twinks.
  2. Grant Mitchell

    Twinking 79

    On all servers, all twinks started moving to alliance. Trend happening across servers. Nice idea. We see the result. Today 66 alliance wins to 1 horde win at the 79 bracket (so far). And of course nobody changes anything. Davant has 20k kills and over 600 wins already. Like wtf, how is that not boring?
  3. Grant Mitchell

    Twinking 79

    Some of them are closing in on 400 wins in only a couple of weeks so I guess it doesn't get boring.
  4. Grant Mitchell

    Twinking 79

    Your opponents are levellers. And it's going to stay that way. Enjoy farming those greens.
  5. Grant Mitchell

    Twinking 79

    If you want a thriving twink bracket like it was in 18/19 then you need twinks *on both sides*. It's such an obvious point but one which *you* don't understand. Piling all twinks into one faction only means one thing, farming levellers. Over and over. Day after day. Until those levellers run out. Which is what we will see. Those twink guilds you mentioned aren't coming back. Most of those horde twinks are alliance now, or they've stopped playing. Horde twinks who don't want to go alliance aren't coming to a bracket as unbalanced as this. You want to fix this? Get some people to roll horde for f*ck sake. But of course you won't. You need to stay in the "stronger" faction, an you'd rather farm levellers for 300 wins a day and keep advertising your guild to keep farming those levellers. You'll make sure you all have sunwell gear in quick time so you can make mincemeat of that afk level 71 5k health mage. Enjoy. You're just creating a cancerous bracket before it even starts.
  6. Grant Mitchell

    Twinking 79

    So I think there will always be twinks. What's needed is twinks on both sides. My point is that at the moment there's an endless leveller farm going on with dozens of alliance twinks farming horde levellers hour after hour, day after day. And this guy comes along and wants to create a new large alliance twink guild to continue this farming process even further and expand it. Make it professional. Yeah guy, great idea. You guys never get tired of farming those afk level 71s. I guess it never gets old, or something.
  7. Grant Mitchell

    Twinking 79

    Have fun farming those levellers I guess 😕
  8. Grant Mitchell

    Twinking 79

    Okay, I notice you didn't answer my question. I asked you where these horde returners or twinks are going to be coming from, that you seem to be relying on for future rebalance. You seem not to know. So as far as you know there are *no* horde twinks planning on a return to this server. And to be honest, why would they? This balance redress is not going to occur unless *you* make it occur. Personally, I'll be sticking to bugmane, as bad as it is. It's a pity that this server is off to such a start (yet sooo predictable). The 79 playerbase never ceases to amaze me with how mongoloidly stupid and short-sighted they are. "Hey guys let's *all* roll alliance, what could go wrong?" The few horde twinks that exist will probably either level up, faction transfer themselves (it's still open and free) or go back to bugmane. As for the alliance, enjoy farming those bots, my guess is that you'll still get regular pops until Christmas. Then those wait times will get a little longer. Then longer. And longer. Is it really worth that wait? All to basically beat up standing targets. I don't know why you don't just beat up target dummies in Stormwind, it's the same thing. I've played WoW a long time, and seen a lot of private servers, and seen a lot of servers die. I know how fragile it is. If you think this situation is a recipe for a long term successful bracket then I don't know what you're smoking. You still have time to change the situation and *try* to make a successful bracket on what is unquestionably a better-scripted server. Will you? I won't count on it, sadly.
  9. Grant Mitchell

    Twinking 79

    Please tell me who all these horde twinks are you are expecting to return while you assemble your large twink guild to fight level 71 leveller bots. Hmm? Would *you* want to roll Horde on a server in which the bracket consists of 98% alliance twinks (and growing every day) and virtually 0 horde twinks? The only horde twinks I know from old sunwell have rolled alliance. (And you would know this because some of them are in your guild). So just where exactly are these horde twinks going to come from? I'd advise the OP to stay where he is unless he enjoys farming AFK levelling bots who stand still at the graveyard all game.
  10. Grant Mitchell

    Twinking 79

    Yeah cos Alliance really needs more twinks, They only have, so far, 98% of them, so they really need to increase that proportion to 99% or 99.9% Nice bracket you're building there. This screenshot shows the bracket situation better than I can explain:
  11. Grant Mitchell

    XP Turn off for losses

    Can you turn off XP gain in battlegrounds for losses? Or at least reduce it heavily? Because at the moment the battleground situation is a farce, as almost anyone who's taken part in the lower level battlegrounds knows. This is especially true for the 79 bracket. The battlegrounds start and literally half (sometimes more) of the horde stand still, agree to afk, and stand at spawn point when they're rezzed just giving free honor and wins for alliance. This is even resulting in many alliance players turning off their xp at 79 not because they're twinks or have any interest in PVP at all, but because it's such an easy honor farm. Look at the battleground details and choose any random battle and see for yourself. It's a farce and needs fixing.
  12. Grant Mitchell

    Twink issue

    Complaining about people with better gear killing you? Why do you even play this game?
  13. Grant Mitchell

    The Best Sunwell HK Ranking!

    Thanks. Works very well. Good job.
  14. Grant Mitchell

    79 twinking

    He didn't say he (or horde) have never used faps. He said alliance uses it more. This is obviously a hard thing to test, you can disagree if you want, but that was his claim. Again, I don't have a problem with people using faps, just not people being hypocritical about it. Interesting that you have a screenshot ready to "prove" that someone hordeside used fap. If I took a screenshot every time an alliance player fapped I'd run out of hard drive space...
  15. Grant Mitchell

    79 twinking

    Yeah there are a lot of wsgs because it's CTA but most battles are filled with levellers. Let's see how things are after the CTA.
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