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  1. you're a dk, are you kidding? what do you need an arp ring for? if the guy who got it was a hunter/warrior/feral it was fair
  2. brkela

    Brkela chat banned

    It's been 10 days. I think quite enough for writing insults towards an admin. Or "death threats" as it has been referred to. If it was only a global channel ban I wouldn't object at all but this is just stupid. I can't even /dance
  3. brkela

    [Brkela] Chat banned

    I would write who banned me but I have no way of knowing. A GM on discord told me that the apparent reason for my whopping 14 day chat ban is "using global to write threats to other players". He refused to give me any details of my alleged threats but said that it involved the words "fucking kill you" and relatives. Since I never said any such thing on global I asked for screenshots. He said he's not entirely sure that he's allowed to share such screenshots. Now I gotta admit that I write a lot of things that some would consider inappropriate, such as racist humor. But I have never in my life threatened to kill someone on global. And even if I did, a death threat if taken seriously is a police matter, it's not something that should be dealt with with a freaking chat ban. Edit: Also, when atkrues was unjustly banned from global for making fun of Ajiena, he got banned from global only, he could still communicate normally trough whispers and /s. I got completely chat banned, making the game almost unplayable, since I can't respond to whispers, I can't chat in guild chat, I literally can't even /lol or /spit people. The 7 day global ban on atkrues was an overkill, this is just plain insane. (Even if I did make death threats to people which I never did)
  4. My name - Brkela Reported player's name - Hacked Rule broken - 22. Ninjalooting Date - 20.01.2020. Description - was warned about it being bannable and still ninja'd an item. never mentioned that anything is reserved. Evidence -
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