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  1. Tupacalypse

    Request for another Faction Transfer [Horde to Alliance]

    I second even tho im more of a PVPer myself , its sad to see 100+ vs under 10 in que for random bg que , open the transfer and ill be the 1st one there , i dont even mind crossfaction as long as the pvp is happening. Also might wanna put some more perks to have more new players join alliance when they start , things will only get worse with time if not adressed.
  2. Its getting ridiculous Also why is every other BG AV? Thanks. https://imgur.com/a/DjFsmNx
  3. Tupacalypse

    The reason Horde loses so much in BGs

    horde looses so much because theres no monitoring on the ppl like this , ppl leech for days. On top of that you have broken classes like the rogue that have targets jumping half the stun time , and latest one that i have experienced not beign abble to reapply poisons , getting another action in progress. I havent encountered this even on fresh servers , trully disapointing.
  4. Tupacalypse

    Auction Undercutting

    Ppl that are a healing class will watch you die from dots after a fight is over and you want to understand AH logic , lol. There are good and bad ppl on all aspects of the game , the same clueless ppl that brakes into a free condom vending machine , you have some ppl that are not that bright.
  5. Tupacalypse

    25. Wine

    did they actually give a cloth piece to a leather user? this server and its ppl man /facepalm also post what are you wearing , maybe its an downgrade.
  6. Tupacalypse

    Suggestion to improve PVP state

    Lol , you like pvping? Well stop doing it, Alrighty then mate thanks for your input.
  7. I noticed alot of ppl cant really come to terms of dying in pvp and that is fine , nobody likes to lose , but if you keep queing and after 1-2 deaths you just leave , you do more harm than good to the game. I know there are alot of ppl like this because they forced you to get rid of the twinks at 70-79 , im not saying the state of it wasnt bad , but the aproch you took diminushed the pvp taking place overall , lots of ppl that enjoyed that dinged , myself included. Alot of ppl say twinking at 79 means you cant pvp at max level , what they fail to realize its that getting crafted gear that everyone has acces to at 78 hardly comes close to what twinking really means , when ppl was farming months on end for that item piece that boosted their dps by 5 and stuff. Anyway the real reason i was playing 70-79 bracket is that when a server is fresh you will have a nice influx of players that keeps the bracket alive , you dont have some of the game changing mechanics that are annyoing as a melee (sacred shield for paladins , portal for warlock just to name a few) . Dont get me wrong , i still like the 80 pvp and im gonna keep playing it , but as expected alot more leechers/afkers/quitters will be ruining my pvp experience at 80 as it happen over and over all the server i was playing. Right now , i played 2 BGs sota and wsg , both finished because of alliance players leaving after a death or two. Can we have some sort of punishment system for ppl that constantly leaves BGs? I know the desserter system takes care of it on some level but if you have 10 ppl that cycles whitin an hour it can get quite a few games closed as most of the time BGs start with minimum number of players rather than full. Im talking about if you leave 3 bgs in a row or something like that to not be more harmful than good and it resets every time you finish one. Thanks for reading.
  8. Still checking once in a while to see if Sunwell realized they took a really bad decision with separating ques , specially so early in server life and killed pvp in general. Also you guys should pay more attention to the afk leechers that are booming since you did the change , but they dont 1 shot anyone so i guess its okay? meh. I see a new poll was up , but i missed it , so i guess atleast staff noticed it was stupid in the 1st place. Gives me hope. Hope the butthurt ppl that was getting 1shotted in the BGs feel alot safer in que for hours in dalaran.
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