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    [Zyralesba] banned by (Azathott)

    Your name - ZyralesbaPunishment Reason - illegal softwareDate - 2020-01-10 13:09:00Description - Hey there! I clearly understand what I have done, so I am not going to be the one who's going to tell lies or so. Maybe you would be interested to hear my reason/story why I did such a thing. First of all, I didn't expect to face such a harsh anti-cheat on a free server like this. I am impressed! Most of the hacks actually work on a retail server with no punishment at all. Yeah. I've faced many of them, including mining/leveling/honor bots .etc I really do hate bots, I hate them, since they ruin the economy on servers. And mostly, they ruin battlegrounds. It's no fun to kill bots in PvP. Well done! Looking forward to see more anti-cheat systems. So back to my reason. I heard someone talking about PQR and they said, it was working. So of course, I got caught like a fish! I used this program a long time ago on a retail MoP server. The retail didn't ban it for a year or so. Yes. In the end, I got perma-banned and had to buy a new retail copy. I told myself that a free server like this would have problems with illegal programs. I never ever used PQR in PvP. PvP is my life. I love arenas, dueling .etc Tho PvE on the other hand... I see you actually get my point already. Yes. I don't like to face-roll my keyboard vs a computer all the time. It doesn't feel worthy, especially as a warrior on this patch. It's sad to see a low dps warr with a perfect rotation, so at least I understand that my hands were doing a fine rotation, since the program did the same. My reason was only to keep my hands healthy from such a thing. Also I was curious, if the program can rotate much more than me. I have to find some macros to make a current arms rotation easier, because spamming a "cast" ability as a slam is not a healthy mechanic for a warrior. Don't know why blizzard thought it would be a good idea to add a cast-time ability for warriors kek. Thank you for your time. Yes. It's true that I am getting older, so it's clearly up to your choice, if you will unban my sinful ass. I just wanted to be ready for my guild this wednesday, because of raids. Otherwise I have to wait for Friday. Good luck and have fun! Your Lesba Zyra.
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